Larsen Bay Lodge Kodiak Island

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    I just returned from a week at Larsen Bay Lodge on Kodiak Island. The trip was planned around the silver run, which never materialized. According to the experts, they were three weeks behind. As a backup, we fished for pinks on the Fraser River. We fished both the upper end by the falls and the lower end near the bay. The pinks were running in and most of them were very fresh. I caught several in the salt where the river ran end.

    We also caught some dollies and sockeyes.

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    I love that pic with your furry buddy in the background!
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    Looks like a great time :)
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    Wow, something to bear in mind, ya had to watch that back cast.
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    I love that area. I have been there many times both as a commercial fisherman and once for the sport.
    Really an amazing part of the world.
    Thanks for sharing the pics and even though the Silvers didn't arrive I am glad you had a good time.