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  1. This summer we will be visiting the inlaws at their new home in Las Vegas. I've been perusing the web and did a quick search of the forum for fly fishing related activities in Vegas and there doesn't seem like a whole lot in the area. Even if I can't fly fish I'd be willing to take a fly tying class or something while I am down there. I know there is a Bass Pro shop down there, does anyone know of any fly shops in the area or have any good advice for places within an hour or so to try some fly fishing?
  2. There is nothing going on fly fishing related in Vegas. 3hrs and you're into Utah. You could go molest some carp but that's so beneath me I can't even believe I uttered it.

    Stripers are common in lake Meade but its more fun on gear IMO.
  3. You'll want to visit this old site that still has pertinent information:

    I grew up in Vegas and learned to fly fish there (first time casting a fly rod was from a float tube in a the dark of night - I spent a lot of time untangling knots.)

    Most of the fishing is a few hours from Vegas. I used to fly fish for stripers in Lake Mead and Lake Mohave. You can generally catch stripes from shore during the winter months on Lake Mead. During summer you'll need a boat, but you can fish from shore at Willow Beach below the dam during the summer. They also stock trout there as well (which is why there are stripers lingering in the area.)

    Otherwise, if you _must_ fish, I'd recommend you take a float tube or pontoon boat or small boat to Haymeadow Resevoir, about 3 hours north of Las Vegas in the Wayne E Kirch Management area. Here's a map:

    It's got pretty big trout and I've always had wild success with a Sheep Creek Special.

    Bruce Pencek's website has most of the bases covered.

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  4. Orrrrrrr you could just go to the double down instead ;)
  5. Vegas is great for many things. Fishing is not one of them. Too bad they didn't move to Reno :)
  6. Jesse is right. You really should stop by the Double Down saloon for a shot of ass juice and take in the local culture.

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  8. Utah, Lake Mead, Mt Charleston area small streams. Pretty beautiful area, lived there for a bunch of years and in Southern Utah when I was a Ranger in Zion. Avoid Vegas proper and just explore the surrounding beauty.
    In southern Utah... Navajo Lake and associated streams and lakes of the Southern Wasatch are absolute stunners...just east of Cedar City.
    Google is your friend!

    And J Fowl...thats Mead...minus the E
  9. Yeah, like others said. Vegas = many things, but fly fishing? Not really... I go there often for work. If you, like myself, are a watch fan, then it's paradise revisited. There's great food, shows (I recently saw La Reve, which is at The Wynn, and is fantastic.) My favorites Thai restaurant is Thai Satay Bistro, only a short ways off the strip. The single best meal I've ever had was at The Cut Steakhouse, at The Venetian. Be prepared to spend a lot, I went with the owners of my company, but good grief, was it delectable. Also, for a fun meal, try China Poblano, located in The Cosmopolitan. The best tacos I've ever had, and I've been living in Phoenix for years...

    When in Rome, as they say... I'd set aside any thoughts of fly fishing and enjoy the things that are there. Go see Hoover Dam (and the new bridge, itself an impressive engineering feat.) if you're a fan of the A&E show Pawn Stars, you cam take a trip to their shop, though it's not what you'll expect. What else. Seafood buffet at The Rio is pretty good. I like the brunch buffet at Aria (the other City Center casino, next to Cosmopolitan.) As mentioned, if you're a watch aficionado, there's the worlds largest watch store (the Tourneau at Ceasars) as well as 4 Patek dealers, Breguet, Tourbillion, a Panerai and a Breitling boutique, you name it.

    Have a nice trip.

  10. If carp fishing is not beneath you then you have a couple good options near Las Vegas. Lake Las Vegas and Lake Mead both have large numbers of carp. Access at Lake Las Vegas is trickier, Lake Mead has tons of public space.
  11. I used to feed carp as a kid on lake mead(e) with pop corn. You could pick them up with your hands. If that's your idea of a good time then go for it - it just seems kind of a goofy to me... kind of like fishing for trout in a pay to plunk above ground pool.

    The streams coming off mt charleston don't hold any trout since half the year they are bone dry.

    Honestly - you're better off hiking around red rock, climbing mount charleston, or renting a cheap car and heading to Utah if you're dead set on fishing.
  12. 5 hrs drive could put you on the tailwater below Glen Canyon dam at page az

    Does not meet your one hour criterion but while we are discussing that part of the country I thought I would mention it
  13. I thought there was a bunch of fishing opportunities around Las Vegas. I read of an abundance of hookers.
  14. Thanks for all the suggestions everyone, I'll continue my research based on all of your suggestions. If all else fails I guess I'll just have to play alot of poker at the Venetian! :D
  15. I expected this thread to devolve into a hookers and blow debate again. Disappointed:(
  16. There are many things to do with your fly in Vegas, but it has nothing to do with fishing
  17. There is a fly fishing club in Las Vegas. The last I knew, they met at the Bass Pro shop just off I15 on the south end of town. I don't remember if they are TU or FFF. You might want to contact them and see where they go to fish. You could also ask the guys at the Bass Pro shop. I think the club organized trips. I know Bass Pros held tying classes the last time I was there.

    What I've enjoyed about Las Vegas is the food. The Venetian has some amazing Italian restaurants and the very best burger I've ever eaten was at the Mirage. There's an IMax theater and of course plenty of shows.

    The one thing I've yet to find is a truly great micro brewery. The wine choices are the best anywhere though.

    My wife and I have ridden horses through the desert in the early winter and we enjoyed that.

  18. you can go fish lees ferry. Or lake mead, good bass fishing both white and black...
  19. Go down to Laughlin and fish for giant carp at the Colorado Bell. I did it and just freaked people out !!!
  20. A shot of ass juice?
    How can you pass that up?

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