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  1. teylor1975 Patagonia Argentina South America

    Hi Guys,

    The season just finished a couple of days ago down here in Patagonia so I found some time to write a short report and add some pics of the season:
    The winter and spring of the 2012 year where really dry with out a lot of snow and not rain so the rivers water level was low. That made after start the season in a couple of weeks been fishing dries as usually we do in summer!
    The fishing this year was really good, with a lot of brown trout catched, rainbows and excellent barbecues including goat and lamb.
    Below you can find some pics:
    Brown from the Chimehuin River
    rainbow trout from the Chimehuin River
    Bull Red Stag Deer
    Caleufu River Brown Trout
    Chimehuin Brown Trout

    Well, I hope you like these pics.

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    Lost in the woods.....
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    Those are some beautiful trout!
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    Wow! When can I come down and fish? Amazing pics. Great fish. Nice work!
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  4. teylor1975 Patagonia Argentina South America

    Thank you! This season was full of brown on the net.
  5. teylor1975 Patagonia Argentina South America

    Thank you!
    The season opens on November 9th and is open till the end of May. Your winter time;)
  6. teylor1975 Patagonia Argentina South America

    more pics!