Late Secret Santa Swap

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by Whit, Nov 15, 2009.

  1. I saw this swap on another forum and thought it would be a lot of fun to do with you guys.

    The idea... you send me your flies. I will then draw randomly to match santas and swappers. I will photograph them and wrap them up and send them off to your secret swapper. They will not know who sent them flies until they open their present.
    The drawing for the swap will be done once I have the flies and if anyone in the area wants to join me in the drawing, we can do it over a couple of beers at a local pub.

    Basic Rules:
    Flies will be mailed in a crushproof box. Altoids cans are perfect.
    Box will be sent to swapmiester (with a stamped self-addressed envelope)
    Please list your screen name with your flies and if they are meant for salt water, fresh water or both.
    Also please list what type of water you fish in your post (salt, fresh or both) so that I can try to match up flies to the folks that will use them. Although I can make no guarantees to this end.
    There are 3 categories to choose from for tying your flies
    1) 10 of your favorite flies
    2) 10 different flies that you fish
    3) 10 flies that you like to tie
    Please make this 10 different flies folks so no one is getting 10 of the same (size variance is fine).
    You are not limited to 10 flies. All of the flies that you tie will go to your swapper. Just think about what someone else might like to get and tie them up.

    There is no limit for the number of swappers for this swap. However, I will not add any participants after Nov. 29th.

    Due date for the flies is Dec. 22nd
    The drawing will be done on Dec. 22nd, so if I don't have your flies by then I will consider you as not participating.

    Ho ho ho! and Merry Christmas!

    1) Whit
    2) Daryle Holmstrom
    3) colton rogers
    4) ifrank
    5) Kim Ferris
    6) western
    7) steeli
    8) kal
  2. Sounds like fun, I'll join
  3. im in! i'll actually have time! is there a specific type of water you want the flies to be geared too?
  4. Nothing specific on the type of water.
  5. Great Idea. I've been waiting for a swap and was about to host something with the flexibility of this. I'm in!
  6. sign me up. it's something that i really need right now. maybe it'll get me going. i'm already getting that closed in winter feeling - it's going to be a loooong winter.

  7. Please count me in. Thank Im in the swap you speck of.
  8. darn no salt water! ok lol
  9. I know we have more tiers than this! Come on folks. This is a good chance to meet a new forum member, tie the flies you want to, and get a surprise in return. New tiers are also welcome, so don't be shy.
  10. Whit- you would probably get more tiers if you open it up to salt flies too. You might consider having tiers list the water types they like, but offer no guarantees.
  11. I was thinking about that before I proposed the swap... maybe that would be the best. Let me revise the rules a bit so folks can say what type of flies they could use and for tiers to list if their fly is salt in their packaging. I will add this in in a few minutes. Gotta feed the lil guy.
  12. Alrighty... salt is now included.
  13. Sounds interesting..So I got it right, will the flies be 10 different patterns?
    If so, I'm in.....just don't think anyone would want to get gift box of say 10 san juan worms or 10 black wooly buggers...
  14. ... scratched response... yes you are right steeli
  15. And you are right... someone would probably not want 10 of the same... this is 10 different flies... edited the main post for clarity... again... obviously I need to reread my post a few times for my next hosting :D
  16. so i tie 10 different patterns?
  17. I would like to join. Been hitting the tying bench again, after a long break, and need some motivation to tye up some flies. Thanks
  18. Or at least some variance in the sizes and/or color colton. Just don't want there to be 10 of the same fly.
  19. ok i get it now! i jioned so i could perfect a pattern but this works too. i know what im gonna tie
  20. Seeing as we are all tying 10 flies at least, no matter how many join, I am going to extend sign ups by another week.

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