Late Secret Santa Swap

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by Whit, Nov 15, 2009.

  1. Just received western's ties for the swap. Whoever gets this box is going to be quite pleased.

    Still time for others to join in. Please sign up and remember that your flies are a gift to another tier here at WFF. No better way to beat the swollen river blues.
  2. Hi. I am new here and would like to get in on this swap if it is not to late. If it is to late I understand. I ussually fish freshwater for trout.

  3. whit, can you please pm me your address?!?!
    how is it decided on who recieves whos flies?
  4. Hey Camo,
    I don't mind you joining a little late as long as you can get your flies to me by the due date.

    colton - There will be a drawing for who will receive which flies, which will happen when I receive all the flies. If you only have a specific type of water that you fish, please let me know and I will try to accommodate your wishes in the drawing as best I can.
  5. No problem. Iwill tie them tonight and have them on their way the end of the week. I will tyr a little bit of everything from trout,salmon, and some warm water stuff. :thumb:

  6. All finished tying. Head cement is drying as I type this. All I need now is the address so these babies can get sent.

    Whomever gets this box should be pleased. Ended up having 20 flies total. I tied 10 patterns. Patterns include some bass poppers, bluegill 1/124th jigs, bucktail streamers, and others.

  7. ummmmm yeah it was kinda a secret like i dont think we were really supposed to say what were tying.

    whit, i fish salt water and freshwater so im down for whatever

    update one more to go :D
  8. Well all the secret santa swaps I have took part in it is fine to tell. In fact most of the time we all take pictures of what we tied....than you have to wait,hope, and pray you get a certain box that appeals to you.

    If I "ruined" the swap for anyone i am truly sorry...

  9. Whit, I thought I had posted this over the weekend. Maybe too many meds and too much turkey. I finished tying flies for another swap and kept on tying up a ten spot for this swap. Mine are done, dry and ready to ship if you'll take them. If not I'll fish them myself. I had gone on record before in another thread that I had put a batch of Daryle Holmstrom flies on my Christmas Wish List. Totally your call, I have not seen such a swap before and think it is a very cool idea. Ed
  10. Lol... no worries Camo.. no one knows whose flies they are getting until the drawing is done.
    Ed, hop on in and welcome aboard.
  11. sweeeeet mumbles is in! ive gotten a few of his flies and there BAD @$$

    my flies will be shipped today
  12. Can someone please send my the address. As soon as I get the address these babies will be on their way....
  13. Flies have been sent!:thumb:
  14. I am printing my address label and one for return shipping. They will hit the mail in the morning. Thanks again for letting me play along...Merry Christmas to all and to all a tight line.
  15. my flies went in the mail today. idk how long it will take for them to get to pullman haha
  16. Shouldn't be too long... I will keep my eye open for them...
  17. Hard to predict, pony express and all...could take a looong time!:beer2:
  18. It is the holidays... my wife saw a line out the door the other day at the post office
  19. I was at the post offices yesterday and it was super slow....for now. The lady told me that is SHOULD be there friday, so i would imagine yours would not be to far behind that Colton.:thumb:
  20. ummm yeah my post office was pretty jammed. oh well they've got til the 22nd!

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