Late Secret Santa Swap

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by Whit, Nov 15, 2009.

  1. Are we all individually toe tagging each fly? I do this usually...
    Please send me the mailing information; could be finished up and ready by this weekend.
  2. It is not necessary to toe tag each fly since I won't be getting the flies out to swap them (aside from pictures). PM sent with addy.
  3. i didnt toe tag mine... oh welll
  4. I did not toe tag the flies I submitted as the whole batch is going to one lucky soul who must have been very good this year. (that is a keeping a list and checking it twice joke)

    If the poor sap that gets my files wants to know more about the patterns, materials or whatever they are more than welcome to shoot me a PM. I like to type. Ho Ho Ho is currently kicking the ass of Bah Humbug!
  5. I just got your flies today Ed. Colton and Camo, I got your flies yesterday. They all look great!
  6. Glad to hear it.And I am very anxious to see the pics of everyones flies.:thumb:
  7. good i was begining to worry
  8. Need address
  9. Done! :thumb: Need address.
  10. Flies dropped off at the PO today. I sent some of my favorite trout flies particularly if they have some red or green santa coloring. All have caught fish at some point or other.
    I'd suggest adding maybe a couple days extra mailing; particularly the closer we get to the 22nd. Look forward to seeing everyone's flies.
  11. My flies are ready to go. Please send me your address Whit. Since it is a little late and I really want to get these off tomorrow, if anyone who has it could forward it to me, I would appreciate it.

    Happy hump day all

  12. The flies are on the way.
  13. so whit, is that everyone? everybody have there flies sent?
    i just went through the thread and well idk about you whit but pretty much everyone has said there done tying. on here?
  14. ...and from the great mysteries of the east coast .... yes, i am just getting back in town tomorrow. got most but not all the flies tied on thanksgiving weekend, then got involved in business travel to washington dc. not much doing out here except it's warmer than back home. will be tying the last of the flies (3) up this weekend, then using an expensive but fast form of delivery on monday. that's the price of procrastination talking at ya.
  15. just got back online and saw that we've gotten lots of posts since i've last been here. looking forward to reading them.

    also.... this is a santa thing - since we've not supposed to open our gifts before christmas, or sneak around the house and figure out where the spouse is hiding our gifts... i'm not giving hints.

  16. and what was i doing in between thanksgiving and this week in DC? a friend from DC lent me an old Hardy bamboo rod to try out. Nice rod, 5wt.7-1/2 ft. didn't know what to expect, and never had cast bamboo before but i've got a better idea why some people seem to love it.


  17. luuuuucccckyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!! haha ive been wondering what that feels like for a long time!!!!!!! and yeah its pretty cold here(gig harbor)
  18. On their way today
  19. Flies are on their way.
  20. I sent two dozen so divide them up

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