Late Secret Santa Swap

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by Whit, Nov 15, 2009.

  1. Hey Whit...what's the count? Seems most have mailed or bugs flying there now.
    Thanks always seem to be a champion with these swaps.
  2. Waiting on the last few to get here in the mail. I will post more tomorrow as I am off to work at the moment. If anyone has not shipped their flies yet I would like to remind you that they are due to me a week from today.
  3. don't know if i'm the last, but i shipped mine by UPS today. since i'm so close to pullman, they said that the package should arrive either tomorrow or thursday. whewww, i was starting to feel the pressure.

  4. i dont think ur the last kim, havent heard an update from whit for awhile lol
  5. Har har colton. I have my flies ready to go.
  6. Whit, Have you recieved my flies? They were shipped a week ago.

  7. Yes, I have them Ian.
  8. just want to make sure you got my ties sent awhile back...
  9. same question here. UPS says they should have arrived, but that doesn't mean it's so.

  10. Yep, I have both of yours. I apologize for the lack of communication, but the new graveyard position is killing me this week.
  11. Due date for the flies is Dec. 22nd
    The drawing will be done on Dec. 22nd, so if I don't have your flies by then I will consider you as not participating.
  12. I have completed the drawing and all that is left is to take some quick photos, wrap them up and send them out :thumb:
  13. sssaaaaawwweeeeettttttttt! i cant wait to see them!
  14. Whit - Any chance of an update? Have the flies been sent out?
  15. Has anyone heard from Whit or recieved their flies?
  16. No, have not heard anythnig or recieved anything....
  18. Neither have I, but it has been the holiday season. Not sure if Whit is a student somewhere and may be on winter break either. He's not been on the site since the 30th of December. When he's back on I'm sure we'll hear from him. Happy New Year to all.
  19. Ya, I thought about all that too. However, it has been 2 weeks since the due date. It would sure be nice to get an update. Even if it is "Something happened, will get the flies out ____". I know that stuff happens. Honestly, the first thought I had, and still have, is "I hope he is OK." Must be the father in me.
  20. Hey Folks!
    I apologize for seemingly dropping off of the face of the earth this last week and a half. I was so excited to go up to Spokane for the holidays. My bags were all packed the night before and all my fishing and tying equipment was ready to go, as well as the flies for the swap (among the 5 million things needed to travel with a 5mo old). Made it to Spokane safe and sound and #(@*&... I forgot my tying stuff and the swap flies. I am sorry that I was unable to update you all sooner. Next time I forget the flies, I will remember my laptop. I was scrambling around yesterday to get all of this taken care of. On the bright side. The flies all went out today! :thumb:
    I have also heard rumors that Santa snuck something extra in with the flies. So keep your eyes on that mailbox. They will be there soon!


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