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Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by USAngler, Apr 4, 2014.

  1. USAngler

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    Just a word of warning for anyone looking into a new drift boat. Do not order anything from Lavro. I placed an order in October 2013, and paid for it (in more ways than one). After nearly six months of hit and miss communication with Dan, Dustin or Spencer. There is now no answer on any phone and no return communication via email or text. I had to file a claim with the bank in order to have the money recovered. This is an unfortunate situation. Founder Ron Laviguere had a good business and made a solid product until having retired and turned it over to his grandsons.
  2. Sean Beauchamp

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    Sorry to hear man. Hopefully your bank was able to take care of everything.
  3. infinity

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    I couldn't agree more! While not the same level of pre-paid issues, I've been trying to get some parts for a "project" boat to no avail. Their voicemail is completely full. Won't respond to email Yet, their message says " we're probably in the shop building a boat". Looks like Ive gotta fabricate my own stuff. Pathetic!!!