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  1. Hi guys,

    I've been trying to get in contact with Lavro boats. I'm not getting any response from emails and their phone it seems is disconnected. I really need to speak with them about something. If anyone can steer me in the right direction you can just PM me. I'd really appreciate it. Thank you.
  2. I did a bit of looking and came across these guys.
    Maybe a phone call would lead you in their direction.
    Hopefully somebody on the West side lives close and can help more.

    My first boat many years ago was a Lavro, lots of good memories.
  3. The kids took the business over a few years ago. don't know if it is viable anymore, but my guess is no.
  4. This last summer, at least, they were in business. My buddy's got a Lavro and I'm pretty sure he physically went to the shop in Monroe after a phone call. Maybe they just take these months off. Hope this is helpful somehow.
  5. I used to rent space from the folks (the kids did take over the business) on their property to store my camp trailer - they were still building boats in September.
  6. could be down at the sportsman show setting up a booth
  7. I got in touch with the boys at Lavro last night. They were away on vacation. All's good. Thanks for all the replies.
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  8. Jimmy1, I need to contact them about my 1989 14' the oarlocks to me are a bad design and I need to know if they have any other designs for the oarlocks! could you PM there contact information - thanks!
  9. Lavro shut their doors recently....

    But not before they completely ruined my buddies wood drift boat that him and his dad built, then completely backed out of all agreements to right their mistakes. They quit answering phone calls, emails etc and closed their shop up.

    In short:

    Lavro is not to be trusted, supported, or even wondered about. They had something going for them years ago but has since turned to complete shit.
  10. Just talked with them today 360-794-5525
  11. I have a new 16' Lavro Drift boat I need to sell
  12. Well damned, that would make sense. I've been trying to get ahold of them for awhile now. I'd like to buy a lean bar for the back of my old Eastside (could be a first generation Lavro actually). The current ones fit perfectly (at least one I tried with similar width of my boat). But couldn't get a response or call back. This makes sense now.
  13. I hope your wrong, I'm picking up my new boat in the morning
  14. Did you get your boat? Any word from them about the business?
  15. I had to back up the pick up until Wen.
  16. I've tried contacting them several times over the last few months with no response. A friend sold his Hyde and also was looking at a Lavro and couldn't get thru either. We'll be looking elsewhere even if they are still in business or had some issues. Emails or phone calls aren't hard to respond to. Especially when times are tough.
  17. TTT I tried to tell you guys. Lavro is bad news it's absolutely shocking what they did to my cousins beautiful wooden drift boat. They go into hiding until they need a payday then they appear again and then fuck somebody else over.

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