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Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by Joe, Jul 29, 2003.

  1. Joe Member

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    I've just started to learn to Spey cast. I've had 2 hours instruction from a pro, and a couple of practice sessions on my own, so I have a LOT to learn.

    Is anyone in the Seattle area interested in meeting for a few hours practice/instruction? I think that even 2 beginners could help one another.

    A suggested location would be Gasworks Park (north end of Lake Union) any evening at 7 pm.

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    Be careful, Joe, about working with another beginner. The blind don't do a good job at leading one another. I don't like to speak French with beginners, even my wife, because I'm afraid that they will teach me bad grammar and a lousy accent. Remember you are trying to learn habits. Bad habits, once learned, are hard to break.
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  3. Joe Member

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    Well, if there's someone skilled in the art who's generous enough to teach, that would be great.

  4. BOBLAWLESS New Member

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    Not much in the way of free lunch these days unfortunatley. Education is always expensive. Think about buying a guide for a day. Be sure he is expert in Spey casting and comes well recommended. Sure, $350 or so is a lot of bucks, but you get a day on the water, 8 hours of lessons on the spey, a nice lunch and some good fishing hopfully. And then the lessons are of value for on and on, Not too bad when you think of it.
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  5. Matt Burke Active Member

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    Hey Joe,

    I'll hang out with ya at Gasworks some time this next week. Be a lot better if we hit the river instead of hanging out with all the heroin addicts that can't find their way back to Fremont though. Always nice to work left bank or right bank. Who was the pro you worked with? Let me know whaaassssuuuup.


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  6. Joe Member

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    I'll email you.

  7. sickclown Banned or Parked

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    Hey Don't pay a dollar to learn to spey cast. Look for videos online. . Just search any engine for "spey cast" and you will find the ones from speycaster.net. They helped me learn quick.
  8. FT Active Member

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    Once of the best things you could do is go over to site sponsor Aaron's Saturday morning get togethers on the Snoqualmie River at the mouth of the Tolt in Carnation. You would get very good quality instruction at no cost from the likes of Aaron, Brian S., Mike Kinney, and usually several other very good spey casters who show up to help out. This is one of the best ways for people in the Tacoma to Everett area to learn how to spey cast without developing bad habits. And the price is most amazing in this day of folks always looking for a way to make a buck, it's free!
  9. Backyard SANCHO!

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    Good group of excellent casters. Plus afterwards you can hit a few runs close by.
  10. fish-on Waters haunt me....

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    FT and Backyard are right on!!!

    Can't beat the price and you are surrounded by great people. Did FT mention FREE? I can personally attest to this since Aaron helped me out in my single handed spey. Still learning and practicing it as much as I can. I use it now 50% of the time.

    He owns River Run Anglers and I believe is a sponsor of this site.

    Tight lines

  11. Banzai FFing and VWs...Bugs & Bugs

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    iagree This last weekend's Speyfair got me thoroughly intrigued with spey fishing. Metting Aaron and the others up there in Carnation, got me actually casting the spey rods I now own. I had been using them like a surf casting gear rod :eek: . The Saturday after the Halloween Bash on the dry side of the hills this weekend I am going back up to his shop to further tune in the 13' 10/12 wt spey I have. It casts like a rocket launcher with a 750 Skagit line on it but he thinks it will be better with an 825-850. Wahoo! That will be wild.
  12. windtickler Member

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    I can't even believe it took 6 posts for Aaron's FREE class to come up. I can see that for some reason BL might never have been, but surely he must've heard of them with all the time he spends on this site!
    Once you do have some confidence, I suggest Simon Gawesworth's book for interim troubleshooting until you can get back to the clinics. Every time I come back frustrated from the river, I find the answers there. Triggs reviewed it here on the site and I reviewed it on Amazon.

    Backyard, I'm as flabbergasted that you know about the clinics as the fact BL didn't. I thought you only put two hands on your rod when you were alone in a dark place.