Least expensive saltwater real????

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Alexander, Jan 9, 2014.

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    Pfleuger Medalist. 1490 something.
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    You could also look at an Orvis Encounter. Yeah its a polymer material but they are $50, and one of the reviewers took his on a bonefish trip and abused the crap out of it, no rinsing, dropped it a few times in the water and had two screws oxidize. It is also extremely durable if you drop it, but that redington cw seems like a good buy.


    One more thing they are a large arbor.
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    I'm selling a brand new Redington Rise 2 in the classifieds section. I know a lot of guys have been using that in the salt now. PM me if interested, thank you.
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    May want to check out Leland fly shop all Redington products 50% off
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    I generally agree with Preston, HOWEVER...I have had least luck with reels that have clicker/gear drags. I clean all of my gear - reel, flies (used during the event), lines, waders, jacket, stripping basket, everything - and I've found the saltwater 'eats' at and erodes very quickly the very tip of the pawl. This causes issues as the tip is the primary contact point with the gear for the drag. And, the discovery that the pawl tip is rusted away usually as one is stripping line from the reel while fishing and the reel goes in to free spin.

    So, as noted by the others, pretty much any reel will do, but I would shy away from pawl/gear reels.
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    I want to like the Lamson reels, but I just don't have good vibes for 'em...

    What are you going to look at as a possible replacement for the Litespeed?
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    I've owned several litespeeds with failed, rusted and seized drags. Forget about trying to de-spool from the frame in subzero conditions as it won't come undone. If stay away from their line up of conical 'sealed' drags
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    I'm not looking to replace it with a new purchase, as I have plenty of other reels that have never let me down.
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    "Like...? "

    My guess is Islander...Canadian...cork drags!
  11. Grayone

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    "Like...? "

    My guess is Islander...Canadian...cork drags! Dang double post.
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    Good guess...
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    They won't be inexpensive, but I would look for a cork drag reel if I was only going to buy one for all types of salt water usage. I have a lot of different types of reels including the sealed drags but the most reliable have been the cork drags....they are bullet proof...
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    What are some of the least expensive cork drag reels - just curious. I know they generally aren't cheap but who makes a "best bang for the buck" cork drag reel for light tackle. I'm not talking anything more than 7wt. Actually are there any 5wt cork drags out there?
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    Why would anyone even want a drag on a 5wt?
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    "Why would anyone even want a drag on a 5wt? "....So they can use it in salt with a 7wt.
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    Alexander....maybe I misspoke.....I'm thinking the guy might use the reel for warm saltwater species. For the cold water species, a click drag would probably do in all cases and the quality of the drag is probably not that important. I some times use the 7wt for bones, small permit and reef fish.
  18. Alexander

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    I'll be the first to say that drag for Trout in general tends to be a little overrated. But there are all kinds of reasons why people might want drag and since this thread contains good info, why not add more? ;).

    Now, I would think that anyone would want drag on a 5wt if they were fishing water that would likely get them into something bigger than what one would normally target with a 5wt. If I hook into a large King or any other large Salmon while fishing for SRC a nice drag might come in handy.
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    Update on the Crosswater. Fished tarpon 20 to 50 lbs last week. We went 1 fer 5 one evening. At least 3 on the reel. Reel drag did fine but the tolerance between spool and cage is big so 8 wt line could get wrapped around cage. I would keep less backing on reel so spool is not so full and reduce wrapping around cage potential. Also make sure to wind line in with plenty of tension. Not a problem with tarpon on other end :)
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