Leaveing WA and a heck of a roadtrip...

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  1. So after only a short 2 1/2 years in Seattle, my family and I will be relocating to Dallas in about a month. Say what you will about the difference between the two towns, we look at it as a new adventure and hey, the house we bought has a stocked pond 5 blocks from it...not a bad option for bass.

    On to more important things, road trip with the dog and I will be the first week of Oct. and I've decided to go through Bozeman down to Denver vs. Boise and Salt Lake. Seeking advice on my approach, plan to fish the Madison/ Gibbon 1 day to chuck streamers for browns and the other day I've narrowed it down to either the Gallatin near Big Sky or the Lamar near Soda Butte Creek. Last morning may be on the Shoshone on the way down to Denver.

    So for you Montana junkies, any suggestions on what I should hit? Have fished the Missoula area so will bypass it as I only have a few days to fish. Will be wading and have a dog with who will have to stay in the car so no big hikes for all day fishing. Also, will have my road and mountain bikes on the back of car and while I'm not too worried about them getting messed with, they aren't cheap and would like the piece of mind if someone mentioned...don't park here or there.

    At the end of the day, looking forward to fishing the Bozeman and Yellowstone areas and any advice is appreciated.
  2. I already gave you flak over on TGR :D Only responding to see what people here suggest
  3. Stick a fork in you,you are DONE.Don't even bother stopping in Montana.Moving to Texas automatically makes you 100% Texan.:D Try fishing in the Gardner River right where the Boiling River dumps in...YNP. Good Luck!
  4. Yeah, figured I'd throw on here in addition to TGR since I've narrowed the search a bit since...flak is required, figure I have 24 months before I'm saying y'all and fishing from a bass boat and 36 months till the sleeves on my t-shirts disappear and I'm noodling for catfish. Hem, thanks for the advice on the Gardner, will give it a look.
  5. Dallas and Seattle are both places I've lived before moving back to California. Dallas is a great town; there are tons of options for chasing bass. My advice would be to seek out friendships with those that have access to private farm ponds. I caught some huge bass that way. Some of the East Texas lakes are a blast too if you can make it out that way. I do regret never attempting to catch an alligator gar. Those look like a LOT of fun.

    As for Montana, I'm not much help there. I've heard the Lamar is a great river, just watch for bears.
  6. I'd definetely hit up the Madison should be some nice browns around then. The Lamar is my favorite river in the park and have had some great days in October on it.

  7. I had the same question 2 years ago when I had to move a vehicle from Dallas to Seattle. I think I even asked here and got a lot of great responses. I had plans to hit Wyoming\Montana and all lands in between but by the time it came to make the drive there was a bunch of crazy weather and everything west of the Mississippi was blown out (this was the year of the big MO floods and all). I ended up driving to New Mexico and hitting the San Juan on a day when the flying ants were hatching, it was an amazing time.

    So thats my advice to you, if the day before your trip everything is blown out head to new mexico and you will at least get some fishing in (even if it is like fishing in a fish tank ;) )
  8. I second the San Juan!
  9. San Jaun is out for this trip, have to go through Denver as I've got friends and family I'll be spending time with there but that river's been on the radar for a while and now that I'll be in Dallas, its a manageable drive for a long weekend trip. Thanks for the tip, I've always heard great things about that river.

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