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  1. So I have two questions. The first of which being about leeches. I am looking for some leech patterns that are a little out of the ordinary. My second question is about mohair. I bought a few packages in every color I could find but cant seem to get the stuff to look like. Is there a secret? Or something that I am not doing?

    Any and all help is very much appreciated.
  2. what pattern are you trying to tie? I have tied a ton of leaches but I use a synthetic seal .
  3. Well not really any one pattern in generall. Just looking to add a few more patterns to the box.

    I have been trying to tie a simple mohair leech but it has been kicking my ass. Its like the material is not flufed out enough...
  4. go to Azflyfishing.net Johns materials are easy to work with and he has a you tube link to his video with instructions.
  5. This frustrated me for a while too. You need to pull back the fibers towrd the bend of the hook on each turn, just laying the core yarn on your hook. Otherwise the yarn just covers up the previous wrap. Keep working on it. It is a great leech when you get it dialed in.

    Have you tied a Monroe leech. I don't see many people talking about it these days. 100% marabou and deadly. Black, olive and burgundy!
  6. I have a pattern I came across by accident.
    Here is the real thing which were about 1 1/2" long:
    Gartside Sodthackle on a #4 streamer hook. Purple & Black marabou with natural Mallard collar (it looks like blue in the photo):
    The softhackle wet:
    The take:

    This pattern turned out to be my go to this summer on a full sink line
  7. Here's one for you. The sparkle leech by Chan/Rowley.
  8. thanks for all the help guys... I am gonna tie up a bunch of those leeches that blue suggested than keep working with the mohair. I really like the look of it is finished so hopefully i will get it figured out lol.
  9. After you finish tying your fly with the mohair, brush it out with a dubbing brush or a piece of velcro. This will make it real bushy. SS
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  11. thanks again all...This is why i love this site. Everyone is ready and willing to help.

  12. Those are bad a$$$ - nice tie.
  13. Holding (carefully) the finished fly in steam really helps to relax the fibers , as does tossing the fly into a pot of boiling water for a few seconds .

    Try it , you won`t be disappointed .
  14. Here are some pictures of the real thing. Leeches occur in a variety of colors, the reddish-brown shown, tan, olive and black. A full-grown, swimming leech with its body stretched out to near full-length can be as much as 3 1/2 inches or more long. They swim with an up-and-down, undulating motion (sinusoidal) which is very difficult to imitate involving a lot of movement but making little actual headway. My beadhead, rabbit-strip string leech has worked quite well for me.
  15. I saw a leech on a Chum carcass in the Skagit river one time. It was gray in color with some black stripes at it's rear. But it was only about a inch long.
  16. Steam and boiling water huh? Interesting technique. I have tommorow off so I will do some tying and post a picture when I get it figured out....
  17. Steam on the mohair really relaxes the fibers and allows for you to comb/brush it out
  18. Interesting. Mine were black and purple with a natural Mallard (whitish) collar and the fishies loved it!

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