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Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by Jim Harper, Sep 11, 2012.

  1. Jim Harper

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    I am thinking about hitting Leach Lake this weekend with my son. Has anybody been there lately that would be willing to share their success or lack of success there? I love that lake, but it has not fished well for me lately and I hate to waste a trip there if the fish just are not cooperating. So someone let me know how receptive the fish are up there to an old guy needing a day of fun. Thanks in advance for any information. Jim Harper
  2. Lue Taylor

    Lue Taylor Lue Taylor/dbfly

    Was up there a couple weekends ago on Saturday, this lake has change quite a bid not producing many fish on same flies that work the year before. There is a Caddis & Calibaetis hatch that come off but not as heavy very sparse during the day. I had more success using different Ant pattern, Elk Hair Caddis in a Dun color size 14, Parachute Adams size 14. There are Damsel flying around all day but not much luck with Damsel nymph pattern or a dry. Had more luck alone the reeds just on the edge of them, talk to a few other flyfisher on the lake not having much success either fish for a hour or so and leave. If you pay attention to the lake there are spots that the fish hang out can anchor up an collect a hand full of fish near the center
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    a related question to this........what type of pressure does this lake receive this time of year?? is it as busy as it is in the summer months??
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    PM sent
    Greg Smith
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    Thanks, but I did not get it. Jim Harper
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    Sorry, tried again.
    Greg Smith
  7. Thomas Williams

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    Ive fished leach a few times this season. Fishing had been tough. The morning bite doesnt seem to turn on until around 9am. Hatches in the early afternoon have been good. Lots of fish launching into the air as they take the baetis from the surface. As said before lots of damsels flying around but limited success tossing dry imitations. Leeches and buggers havent been working for me much. Fished midge patterns and small chronomids and found success. I also would be interested in whaT others have found success on. I dont quite understand the regs on the lake. I guess its to limit the brookies from overpopulating.
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  8. candr

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    Fished Leech Lake Saturday and Sunday morning. A few calibaetis came off in the afternoon and I picked up a few brookies on a #10 olive/tan calibaetis nymph. As dark came on Saturday night the fishing with the same pattern picked up and I caught a few more brookies. Nothing huge 12 -14 inches. There were many large rainbows (from this spring's triploid plant?) swimming by in the 4-6ft deep gin clear water. I could not connect with any. Sunday was bright sun and only a slight breeze which made fishing difficult. I did not see any obvious hatches and fished a small chironomid for most of the morning without success. Water temp 54 degrees. The campsite had almost all of the sites available on Saturday night. Mosquitos were non existent.
    The only annoying thing was the excavator work they were doing at the ski hill all day, both days. The back up beeper on the excavator could be heard all day every few minutes everywhere on the lake. It was like fishing with an alarm clock going off. Definitely had to work to tune it out. Otherwise, a good trip.
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  9. Thanks for the detailed report!

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