Leech Lake

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  1. Anybody been up to Leech Lake? Would like to go next week if the weather gets better. Thanks in advance for the information!
  2. I was up on Saturday the 30th. The entry gate was open and my understanding was the restrooms were not. Several groups were camping, and maybe a dozen of us were fishing. When I came through Naches the temp was 64 and when I arrived the air temp was 56 degrees about 8:45 am. I didn't check water temps. Fishing was slow for me in the am, tried chironomids, and dries with very small bumps only on the chironomids. The weather was intermitant cloudy to sunny, with a breeze for most of the day. Started using a Bloody Mary and picked up 6 EBT on cast and retrieve, then changed to a white Wooley Bugger and picked up several more. Biggest fish were just about 12-13" and down from there. Not one triploid, didn't see one caught, don't believe they have planted Leech yet. But a beautiful day to be fishing and I left about 3:30 before the weather changed.
  3. I was up there on the 4th and the 5th. It was tough fishing - 10 boats on the water and only 1 person consistently catching fish.
    I think everyone eventually got into 1 or 2 fish, but it wasn't as lights out as I've seen it in the past. Definitely no big hatches or damsels that I saw.
    I am happy to report there are triploids in there. Rumor has it that they did plant them last week.

    I heard that black ants had a big hatch 2 weeks ago, but I didn't catch any on them. I caught mine on a fly a friend of mine gave me, but have since forgotten the name of - its essentially a Carey Special with some peacock herl for a head and some tinsel in the hackle.
  4. Thanks guys for the report. I am going up there tomorrow. I will let you know how it goes!
  5. I camped at Leech last night and fishing was tough. Between yesterday and this morning roughly 15-20 people fishing I saw one other person hook a single fish. I had some good success, in the afternoon and right at dusk. The afternoon fish were sporadically feeding on the surface, the key to catching fish on top was to not cast blindly but rather sight fishing to cruising fish and present a fly in front of them. I was getting a lot of looks with last second refusals but also so nice hookups on a Puterbaugh Caddis, all other flys got no love yesterday.

    This morning I had little success at first light on the surface and just as little success on chironomids from 8:00-10:00AM, only picking up three fish in that time.
  6. I went up to the lake yesterday. It was very tough fishing. I caught three triploids and one 14" brookie in four hours of fishing. There were 12 guys on the lake and I didn't see anyone really keyed in on them. I had my wife with me so I wanted to get her into some fish. So we went down to Dog Lake and had a blast. We caught probably 30 fish each but what was most fun is that each of us caught 5 triploids. They were each 18", fat and aggressive. The best thing was that there were only three people on the lake, it was less crowded then Leech. It’s too bad that Dog Lake doesn't have selective gear!

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