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  1. Decided early in the week to go to Leech. Initial weather predictions were decent, got worse as the week went on. Woke up this morning to a forecast of 49 degrees, 30% chance of rain, wind 12-16mph. Slept in this morning, on the freeway by 8:15, in the parking lot at 10:30, on the water by 11:00. First fish by 11:05. I usually take that as a bad sign, it seems whenever I catch one quickly, that may be it for the day, but the size of the first fish barely qualified it as a catch. I finned my SFC against the wind to the other side of the lake, catching plenty of small brookies along the way. I parked at my favorite place, anchored and got out the indicator rod. The wind was clam at times, but no love in the middle of the lake. I picked up all my fish on the way out along the shore, so I moved back over there and finally hit the good fish. My only rainbow of the day was a fat 16 incher.

    When I arrived, there was maybe 6 others on the lake, when I finished 4 hours later, I was the only one on the lake. The water temp was 44 degrees, outside temp peaked at 45. No sun but plenty of wind and it got worse as the day went on, which is why I decided to call it early. There was quite a few bugs on the water, what appeared to be midges and then a mayfly of some sort, about size 12. But no rises anywhere, strange on that lake but early in the season still. My winning fly, based on size of fish, was a balanced leech I got in a fly swap. Caught a ton of small brookies on mini leech and pheasant tail combo stripped on an intermediate line, stripped quickly. Quickly being the important point.

    All in all a great day. Fishing opportunities have been few and far between this spring so happy to get out.

  2. Tough conditions, but I'm glad you got out & realized some success. We have had our share of wind this year, but I'm not complaining about the temperatures.
  3. Wayne:

    Nice to see your report!

  4. Thanks Wayne. I've only fished that lake a couple of times, but I enjoyed it both times. I enjoyed the report.
  5. Thanks for the report, buddy. I know it's been a while, so I am glad you had a good time and was able to locate some willing takers. Wish I could have joined you.
  6. Rod, Jay? How about this weekend?

  7. I could sure use an attitude adjustment
    I'm flexible
  8. Report:

    When driving the pass, just move along, nothing to be seen here.

    Those recently planted stockers with their blunt crooked noses fresh out of the concrete slammer have corrupted or intimidated all the locals and now they are all too busy protecting turf to bother with foraging for food during the day. Surface streets are deserted.

    Be sure to bring the heaviest rod you have to protect yourself. Don't be distracted if you happen to notice any bugs floating by, or fluttering in the air.

    If you must fish, use the heaviest fastest-sinking line you have, and run some gaudy streamers at 25 feet deep just over the thermocline. Thats the ticket. Don't bother with anything in a size 14.

    You might enjoy the scenery around the lake, which is great, and if you are observant, you may spot a birds nest, or see a hare's ear, or get a glimpse of a pheasant's tail, not to mention perhaps the sighting of a deer, the dun color of its hair emerging from the gray shadows of the forest.

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  9. Lost: about 10 mini-leeches, likely still in the mouth of some piscatorial villains. Please feel free to return if found. If not, feel free to donate to the victim's fund. He will be found at his tying station for the next couple weeks.

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  10. Wayne, wanna buy some fresh tippet material? Tom
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  11. No kidding! Something ain't right if you lose ten flies to fish in one day.
  12. OK 10 is a slight exaggeration. This is fishing. Using SeagAr 4 pound fluoro. Lost most trying not to net fish and unhook in water. Did better with using net.

  13. I use Tippett material that I store on my sun baked dash to make the fishing more sporting,except for steelhead were I use 15year old maxima because it has real mojo !
  14. Wayne, you might give a dehooker a try. It works real well for me. I use a 5/16" (size doesn't matter!!!):), wooden dowel with a small gold cup hook screwed into one end. Attach it to your tube with a length of surgical tubing and a clip and you are good to go. Slide the dehooker down the leader to the fly hook with one hand and hold the leader at the water level with the other hand. Lift the hook and fish out of the water with your new dehooker and the fish will fall into the water as soon as the fly hook is inverted. Tom
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  15. Yeah, I was using (poorly) a Ketchum Release. I have another device I got from a guide on the Middle Fork Salmon that works good but you need two hands, a little harder in a float tube with a fly rod in one hand.

  16. That's the same leader I give to my friends who never seem to have any. Tom
  17. I have a Supercat and I lay the rod across the pontoons, so I can use two hands. I do secure the rod with a short velcro strap to D-ring or a strap one one of the pontoons, just in case. Hope this helps. Tom

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