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Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by Jake Tucker, Jul 28, 2009.

  1. Hey, I was watching a Fly Fishing tv show, and the dude was fishing a leech pattern under an indicator (in a pretty shallow shoal). I've always trolled them with less success than I would have liked. It was a slip indicator, which I had not heard of. Anywho, I was just wondering how many of you use this technique. The dude was up near Kamloops, maybe their lakes are just plain different.
  2. I have never fished a leech under and indicator, but it seems to make some sense. Unless you are trolling the leech really slowly you may be moving it faster than a leeches natural movement.

    All I know for sure is that when fishing live leeches for walleyes, they like the presentation ultra ultra slow, almost boring slow kind of like fishing chironimids for trout.
  3. Noted FF, Brian Chan, floats leeches under indicators with great success! He recommends it highly.
  4. Jake, there was a linked article about fishing leeches below an indicator on this site, but I can't seem to find it. Anybody else remember this or where it may be?
  5. That would probably work well on a day with some chop on the water. The chop would impart some action on the leech. Wind drifting it would probably work well too, just fire it out there and with out an anchor and let the wind take you where it will.
  6. The show was the new fly fisher with brian chan. Pay attention to his shows they are very information rich. Yes a leech under a indicator works well. You dont need chop on the water for it to work. Slow strips and BAM.
  7. Don't they also use "mini-leeches" in B.C.? Like size 12-14?
  8. Aye laddie. That they do.:thumb:

  9. here:

  10. I've never had luck with a leech under and indicator. Could be my presentation but it just never worked for me when lots of other things did.

    Then of course, Brian Chan could probably catch fish with a bar-bell.
  11. :thumb:
    The micro leech under an indicator will often out fish more "conventional" patterns.
    Just last week I fished Diamond Lake here in Oregon with a friend. Diamond is a " food factory" with shrimp, mayflies, damsels, caddis, dragons, snails and all sizes of chironomids.
    We started fishing at 8:00 a.m....There was all kinds of food around but no hatches per say. We were marking tons of of fat, well feed rainbows under the boat in 18 feet of water( I have an excellent fish finder). After about 45 minutes without a bite I tied on a black size 10 "micro leech" and started catching fish immediately. After 3 fish my buddy joined in on the fun.
    It is not always easy to explain why that system works so well but .... it does.......I think that they can pass for a caddis case, a dragon or a leech but ultimately I don't really care.
    My point would be that all stillwater guys should have a few in their bag of tricks and they should be used early in your rotation .....especially when hatches are not important. Most of the B.C. guys that I know use #12 and "10s on 2xL hooks with an 1/8" gold bead and a body and tail of black marabou with red wire rib...I like to use "wooly bugger" type marabou for the tail and the finer "blood quill" type for the body..... and no hackle.... one can also use "Metz" crystal chenille for bodies with red rib...I like a slender body with an overall fly length of about 1" to 1 1/8 "
    BTW - They work all over .....a great one for winter stocked trout...
    One more thing.... using them with a indicator is often way better than using with a retrieve.
    Good luck....
    Pond Monkey
  12. Chan may recommend using an indicator but I don't believe he himself uses them that much as he often comments on using a floating or sinking line and developing the skill to detect strikes without them.
  13. Using an indicator or not is mostly a preference thing. There is nothing hard about mastering either method.....
    I do know this, that very often the indie method produces much more action...... so if you like more action....
    If you're a troller...i.e. you don't anchor up and always moving.....then indicators might be more of a hinderance.
    Those of us who use boats generally set up using two anchors ad go from there....no trolling.....

    Good luck Pond Monkey
  14. He was using a slip indicator on the show I was watching. Thanks for all the info, I'm in cali for another week, but can't wait to get back to the northwest to fish my heart out.
  15. Yeah, I don't doubt it. Probably because of the show, as opposed to when he's fishing for himself.
  16. I also saw a video with Phil Rowley at Fortress lake catching huge brookies with a leech under an indicator. This lake is in Canada and in the mountains, they were fishing in the shallows where the bottom was all nasty snaggy trees. The indicator method kept the fly in the zone above the wood...looked fun! :thumb:
  17. Pond Monkey, welcome to the board. Sounds like you have some good info to add :thumb:
  18. yes, i happen to use them a lot especially after the fish have gorged themselves
    on Chronies, they seem to key on small leeches to "pack" the chronies in

    regarding Brian Chan, he is a great person, i was at a fishing show in spokane
    a 2 years ago i believe and Brian was doing seminars there
    if any of are close to vancouver/Abbotsford bc
    there is a show usually the first weekend of march, Brian is always there
    as well as Phil Rowley

    good fishing

    "The tug is the drug"
  19. I used it in May when I was up at Chopaka and couldn't keep the fish off. It was unbelievable.


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