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    Been struggling with a pattern similar to this one (attached). The fly itself isn't a problem, but the LEGS? Does anyone have any tips on how to get these legs tied and pointing in the right direction. I finally got one completed after about an hour and ended up with only 4 legs that I could get into a decent position.
    Do you tie the knots in the legs first or after tying them in, and how do you get them all pointing downward? My vice might end up on the pavement below the window here soon if I don't figure this one out. Please help save my vice from a grizzly death....

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    I tied a large # 4 Salmonfly nymph with rubberlegs with knots. I just will grab a strand of rubberleg and make one overhand knot and cut it off, then tie it in. It always will take a few minutes to get the leg in the right place.
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    this is Jason from NWO outfitters, he's on the forum, though I can't remember his SN. Anyhow, around the 2:25 mark you'll see he's pre knotted some legs, ties in at one placement point, and then sets the final placement with the chenille body. Watch it 3 or 12 times and you'll get what I'm laying down.
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    Thanks contructeur. I've definitely had better luck tying the knotted legs on the Pat's stone or Jimmy legs. The chenille helps placement. Guess I'll try the same thing with the different body materials wrapping around the legs. The smaller flies are still giving me trouble without as much room for tweaking. I still think there must be a secret to actually tying them in on a smaller dry to get them to position correctly. Thanks for the tips. If you happen to have a link to a video of a pmx with the smaller body and legs, please post.
    Nice looking salmonfly TE.
    Thanks again for the replies!
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    tie them in one at a time
    slower but it works
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    On flies like these, I like to knot the tips on 2 pieces of superfloss and tie them in figure 8 style. Mastering the length will be the hardest part. If they don't sit straight down at a 90 degree angle like in the picture, don't worry about it. Its not like every bug in nature lands on the water with legs perfectly in position everytime.

    You can also try using chemicals to kink the legs in the direction you want like head cement or superglue or anything else you have on hand.
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