Leland gave me a fish!! now I'm inspired!!!

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Tony, Jul 23, 2014.

  1. That's a forum Ninja move right there, bet you no one noticed either.
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  2. There are other 'secret' beaches within a 10 minute drive from PNP that don't have the easy access that PNP has. It's a good thing people have been going crazy about PNP. I think I might need to start hitting it hard.
  3. The best thing to come from this thread is it helps weed out people who i will not fish with nor share info with.

    Ill continue to stick with pms and texts for the bulk of my sharing.
  4. What good can come of it? Perhaps the preservation of the very future of sport fishing for anadromous fish.

    I'm always amazed at the remarkable shortsightedness of so many passionate enthusiasts of any given sport/activity. You love to fish, you want to protect the fishery, but you want it all to yourself.

    Tell me, did you bother to go to Olympia today to attend the Senate Natural Resources & Parks committee hearing? No?

    Honestly neither did I —and that's a problem. I convinced myself I was too busy. But I did write a letter, and made my opinions heard that way. But the honest, hard fact is that not enough anglers are concerned enough to get out and lobby for our sport: Instead we sit at our computers and bitch about there being too many other anglers are our personal/secret locations. BULLSHIT! The reality is, if we truly want to protect our fishing resources we need MORE ANGLERS — anglers who are passionate enough to raise a hue and cry in the halls of the policymakers to ensure our fish and fishing habitats are protected.

    I love to have prime fishing sites to myself, too, but I also welcome new anglers —and I willing share (online even) information about where to go for quality fishing. Why? Simply to encourage more anglers to become passionate enough about the sport that some of them turn into advocates. We NEED advocates. Without them, none of us will be fishing for anadromous fish much longer!

    Flame away at me if you like, but I will do what I can to encourage more angling advocates even if it means your "Secret" beach has a few extra anglers on it for a weekend or two.
  5. Dan,

    First i really dont equate naming beaches on the web to a conservation issue. Its much more of a standing room issue. Im not sure how much you hit the beaches but its a real problem.

    Second, while i can respect your opinion, and always enjoy your posts, i simply cannot disagree more. As i believe i have seen chris bellows bring up before, i really dont think there is a connection between increased angling pressure and increased conservation support. .

    More anglers is not the answer to any problem we face. Period.

    That said i believe i am very forthcoming with info when people seek me out privately. A fact many on this board can vouch for.

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  6. Not Like

    It is completely unnecessary to name specific beaches online to encourage interest in saltwater fly fishing. A well written report informs others about the opportunity and teaches the tactics. The rest they will learn on their own with modest commitment.

  7. Here's how I see it in this specific situation: Leland contributes more to this board with his vast knowledge of Puget Sound fisheries than the majority combined. Him naming a VERY well known beach (hell, I've even fished there) should create absolutely zero waves amongst the masses. I'm failing to see anywhere that the rock to stand on is mentioned. All of this bullshit will only serve to drive him away from here. It would be a shame to lose someone with the amount of knowledge....kinda like on Westfly when Gene Trump stopped posting. The guy flat out knows how to fish and was driven away by the same type of bullshit.

    Now, as far as information given is concerned, once again, I'm failing to see the exact specifics. It's kind of like if someone were to post up a report on the Deschutes near Maupin....nothing about what current seam to hit or what rock to stand, etc etc etc. All of that shit comes with experience, as it should. But I never see anyone (on other sites) complain about that type of report.

    I could totally understand if it was a very small, out of the way location but this seems a little ridiculous to me.

  8. If a nobody showed up on someone elses report where they omitted the location and posted pics of said location i would say something.
    The fact that it was posted by a big name in northwest fly fishing means i am supposed to act differently?

    I would argue that someone as notorious around here as Leland has a much higher impact on people when he posts a report. Flat out there are a lot of people who will fish a location just because he has been known to frequent the area.

    If contributing to the saltwater forum with all this knowledge also includes posting pics of my local beaches then no thanks. I can learn the proper way to select a drift wood pillow from someone else.

    Its funny, I have been run out of several bead vs.swing threads because of the fact that i dont fish steelhead, but there are an awful lot of opinions being put out there by folks ive never seen on these beaches, and i am on them damn near every day.
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  9. fair enough.

    I'll still stand by my post (especially regarding that specific location)...

    Here's the thing though. You, fishing those beaches every day, know a hell of a lot more about when and how exactly to fish them than anyone who just shows up on "x" day during "x" tide...

    That's where my comparison comes into play....yeah, I don't like seeing more people on my "homewaters" (the D), but it's a damn popular fishery and the majority of people out there really have no clue what the hell they're doing, so it's easy enough to catch fish right behind them if necessary (hell, if I came down to your homewaters, I'm sure you'd have a ball picking up fish right behind me)...
  10. Odd that in almost a week since Leland's original post, there has not been any specific evidence regarding a human wave of board members descending on this beach. Only one selfish guy making a fool of himself grousing about hypotheticals.
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  11. You seem like a douche.
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  12. Randall, you make a valid comparison and point. I am very confident in my ability to fish my local waters. Where the comparison runs adrift is that there is only x amount of available real estate on any beach, and often the prime areas are moving with the currents. Its difficult to fish some of these places when there is an abundance of bodies. There is no cast, swing, step routine to keep things moving.

    Sure, i can always find places to fish and honestly that beach is one i dont fish as often as one may assume given how close it is. (7 minutes from my driveway to the parking lot in the pic). But the problem is that while some of these places are no secret, it doesnt take many people to become overcrowded. Take this beach in question.... i never go there expecting to be alone. But where 16 fisherman fishing it last week was manageable one morning, the 23 i counted monday morning at 0730 as i was heading out was getting mighty tight. More and more will come, and it will get out of hand at times. My only point this whole time, is why encourage every joe blow lurker out there to make what is a long drive to many and add to the crowds?

    I will gladly discuss the beach via pm and often times try my hardest to provide info to those who ask. I have received many pms from strangers and have given out lots of info. I am all for encouraging new fly fishers. I just believe that these new folks should put forth a little effort. You wanna knoe where to fish out here? Pm me we'll be talk about it. Hell last weekend i met up with a forum member from the Renton area and took him to a couple places id never ever post online. I shared a lot of info with him and told him other places worth trying, and all it took was him striking up a conversation with me.

    If i was headed to fish the D i would not expect to be told much publically. But the you can believe i would research the steelhead forum, recognize you as a local who catches fish, and shoot you a pm offering to buy the beer or something. It works wonders.
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  13. There was a noticeable increase of fly fisherman between friday and monday morning but who knows.

    And i agree with CLO. You seem very douche-like.

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  14. I haven't heard anyone use that particular insult since the '60's. You're dating yourself.
  15. You need to get out more.

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  16. I fished PNP hard from a boat (not with the fly) Thur night, Fri Night, Sat morning and Sunday. It was typically crowded. There were fly guys on the beach, lots more buzz bomb guys on the beach, guys casting herring from coolers halfway up the sand, families on the beach flying kites, dozens and dozens of boats... and even post this report, at no point did it look like if you wanted to fish from the beach, and have a shot at fish even if it's not at the very point, you couldn't find a decent spot.

    I get the issues with hotspotting. But at PNP, it just seems like much ado about nothing. 2 cents.
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  17. Nick. The problem with your PM's is that you are telling people about beaches that both you and I fish. Places that took me years to learn. That person may not be so descreet and tell a friend who tells a friend and pretty soon it looks like PNP. I don't even tell my neighbors where I fish and the only people I take to my beaches are out-of-town friends who will only fish it with me and then only once a year at the most. I didn't say anything last year when you posted a picture of a chum (or was it a pink?) from one of my beaches. From the picture I knew exactly where it was taken. Discretion goes both ways. Maybe telling people when to go, what to use but leave out the where to go would save us all some grief in the long run. I don't see a problem with telling people about the likes of PNP, Wilson or Flagler. It's the other places that concerns me.
  18. Im a bit unsure about the rest of your post, but im fairly certain i know the pic yourre referring to and it was not mine.

  19. Amen.

  20. PM sent

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