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  1. Since this lake is no big secret here is my first attempt at boasting (I mean report) I arrive after all the monster wind had die down at 11am or at least by the time I had geared up . I strung 3 rods but only used one for the time I got in the water fish the area of the launch which kept me busy until I was the last on lake and the wind pick back up. I caught fish and miss fish well worth the trip not to be wet for another day, There had been many prams, pontoon boats and float tubes on the water during that time nobody Ho Ho ing, laughing, hollering so I was left with nobody to talk to very serious flyfishers out there Steve & Rodney I miss your opinion telling me I suck after missing a fish. As for flies I used only three different all caught fish some caught more than others, line used well no biggy what else full sink it's a lake.rod Sage One 4wt.
  2. Glad you got into fish Lue! I wanted to go but had some TU activities to attend to and was frickn tired from our long day of fishing/catching Saturday! And for the record, Rodney sucks......
  3. It was nice to see Lue again.

    I had a good afternoon myself and missed a lot of fish. I like the shallower waters and fished 5' down under a bobber. A few other Lenice regulars were there for the weekend. mI onlky fished Sunday. Didn't get much sleep in the cot/tent due to the wind. It was pretty much windy all night and very windy this morning. I decided to bag it early and head back over the hump. The wind was likley to continue through Wednesday.
  4. Yes glad you have a better memory than me Scott thx for showing me your special Lenice fly
  5. Steve didn't bring the Tin Teepee?
  6. No, on Steve. He has a story on that.
  7. I fished on Saturday and it was nice to feel the sun. While I did not have a killer day, I saw two guys killing them. The first guy was fishing a balanced leech and killed them in the morning. In the late afternoon the was another guy in a boat knocking them dead with what I believe was a chiro pattern. I was not close enough to see but he was reeeling them in right and left.
    I fished both chiros and drug leeches and various nymph patterns. my biggest fish was 17 inches, the rest were 14 inches. Great weather for being outside, just did not connect like I hoped I would.
    But - it's still fishing!!! It rained all day sunday at my house so I was very glad I got out on Saturday.
    back in first weekend of April
  8. I am heading over on Saturday. You in DP?
  9. I miss when that lake had large fish. The last 5 or so years it seems to average around 14". I remember when 17' to 19' was the average in the spring
  10. They are still there for those that put in the effort. All lakes go through cycles.

    For you bird guys, there was a peregrine that flew thought the Lenice parking lot on Monday, 0900. Close enough that I didn't need nocs to see the "mask".
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  11. Agreed. And it wasn't that long ago that the fish were bigger. Spring of 2010 I caught a pile of 19" rainbows, a handful of 17-20" browns, and a pig of a tiger. It's still a neat lake but now the fish are average at best. WDFW knows it too but it will take a rotenone treatment and restocking to get it back on a bigger fish cycle . . .and poisoning out lakes is a lot of work with a good potential of public backlash.

  12. Well... look at what happened to Grimes lake. Who's to say that Lenice isn't getting poached out as well?
  13. Well . . . Anything's possible but I got my info by spending time on the lake and chatting with the Regional Biologist.
  14. I had a 19 and a 20 inched this spring and last spring.

    So there are still some there in lenice.

    Nunnally is full of sunfish and needs the treatment.

    are there sunfish in Lenice?
  15. This will mark 31 years of spending one week at lenice in the spring. And yes there are some large fish in there still. But I have not caught anything over 25" there in atleast 5 if not more years.

    I love the lake. And all the good times I have had with family there. For that matter My son knows I would like some of my ashes put there.

    I just miss some of the bigger fish. I wish my son could of also experienced some of the larger fish that the lake use to offer up. He is 17 now and has been going for the past 9 years. When he was younger the average size was between 17 and 19. It was just hard getting him to fish for more than 5 minutes
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  16. I forgot to mention that there was a peregrine falcon that cruised through the Lenice lot on Monday. Hope the falcons are back at DF this year.
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  17. Spent a beautiful morning yesterday (3/18) at Lenice - sunny, no wind. Had many hits with a BH black sparkle leech but nothing would stick. Switched to a BH olive Mohair leech and landed a very nice 18 inch RB. Judging from the conversations across the lake the chirono anglers fared better.
  18. need to stay home this weekend. I know not to tip the boat too much or the house gets made at me.
    Now if I decide to stage a big fight with the Missus and I have to leave to cool off...... now that's a different story....
    I hope to sneak over before I go to Hawaii in April. Can't the weekend of the 28th as I will be in Spokane for daughter's VB tournament

    Scott - I think those are tracers you are seeing fly by. Been there - done that..
  19. Had issues with the tin tipi so I just went over late Monday afternoon and slept in the truck. It was windy as predicted when I took the boat down and it blew pretty hard all night. Tuesday morning was beautiful with no wind and clear skies. Early morning was best for me with 6 to the net, a few misses and LDR's in the first hour. In the afternoon it slowed a bit but was still decent. There were a few smaller fish in the 15 inch range that would fly out of the water as soon as you set the hook. Most were 17-18 inch fish with one at 20. The majority of fish came on my redhead nymph on the sinking line but did catch a few on chronies just to keep Scott and Ira happy. Most of my fish came out of the back cove behind the islands and around the islands. Picked up a couple off the rock bluff and even hit a couple just trolling back to the launch area around 5pm. Packed up and headed home as the reports were for more wind on Wed.

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  20. Nice fish

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