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Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by Allison, Sep 15, 2009.

  1. Anyone know if it's cool enough to fish yet? I need me a Lenice fix. (whacks arm like junkie)
  2. With the return of summer and high air temps with no true cooling off at night any caught and released trout could suffer or perish. The apparent early departure of summer has been delayed, so to should fishing of lowland lakes in areas still boasting high temps. That is, of course, unless they are cold spring or glacial run off fed that keeps the water temps down.

    You'll get your fix, but maybe not for another two or three weeks for trout's sake. Enjoy.:thumb:
  3. weather forcasts in the 90's in the basin so I'd give the trouters a break , I need my fix also so I'm thinking of going to T.A. to help with my problem
  4. I driving by in two weeks and will give a report on temp or fish (if cool enough)
  5. Allison
    Last week the basin lakes were about 72 to 75 at the surface. We haven't really had much in the way of cool nights yet. I spent most of the week north of Spokane and the lakes up there are still warm at the surface too. We need some nights in the 30's or 40's.
  6. The water temp at Lenice was 58 degrees yesterday. The fish were willing to chase a fast stripped streamer, but they were pretty lethargic after the hook up. Must still be suffering from the higher water temps. Two 15-16" tiger trout were really skinny. Oh, I almost forgot the wind was howling!
  7. With cold below freezing weather lately it should be cool enough to fish.

  8. Just heard from someone who is there today, As slipstream said very sluggish fish.
  9. And the wind was howling with white caps. I can honestly say I did not stress any of the fish. If anyone was stressed it was me finning against the wind and waves. However in the end I enjoyed my first trip to Lenice. Next time. :)

  10. Makes me less blue that I had to stay in town and work this weekend.
  11. We were at a lake nearby and water temps were upper 50's. They should be good to go if the nights stay cold. And same story as above regarding Sunday. I about got thrown out of tube by some of the waves. I had them breaking over my tube, up my back and over my head. That is when I realized I better save it for another day. This weekend looks much more promising.
  12. have a couple of buddies fishing now - hope to hear a report from them soon and will relay info (selective of course!) to this group.
    I am fishing Sunday and Monday.
    Last fall, October was a killer month - hope for repeat this year
    Can't wait

  13. Louis -

    are you going to be there?
    come on!!
  14. Suppose to have super cold temps this weekend. Eastern WA lakes should be in really good shape after this weekend with its extremely cold temps.

  15. Anyone heading over this weekend? Kinda thinking of heading over, but not all by my lonesome.
  16. Realizing I'm not included in "anyone" but this weekend is out...next weekend is possible though.
  17. I'm heading over, but to two northern lakes in Okanogan (chapoka and aenes).
  18. will be there Sunday and Monday. Dark blue/gray two tone sub in the lot, green fishcatcher pontoon on the water and tipping beers. Will be fishing with anothe guy who drives a grey FJ and fishes in a green Bucks. Come over Allison.
    Weather looks cold in the morning but mid 50's during the day and light w*&d.
    Had a report from last week that it was windier then hell but they managed to get some fish on minnow patterns. That is not my plan of action but if all else fails, who knows.
    October has been known to be gang busters in the past and I am hoping for a repeat on this trip.
  19. I guess I need to eat my words about minnow patterns. It was the most productive fly for me on Sunday and Monday. It was cold in the mornings but the sun was out on Sunday and overcast Monday. I could not figure out any pattern that would work all day for me so I kept switching up. But the white minnow pattern in the late afternoon helped increase my daily counts.
    The fishing conditions were perfect with little wind and minimal weeds. Enjoyed myself immensely.

  20. Did well on this secret fly I tied at Lenice.
    The trout are really fat and healthy now

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