Lenice on opening day. Roll call?

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by Tony the Trout, Feb 16, 2011.

  1. Im fine with the crowds too, just as long as other boats are respectful of my casting radius and stay within 2 casting distances away from where I am fishing. I dont mind sharing intel, but if someone is rude and decides to encroach upon my space because it seems as if there is a honey 'hole' where my flies are positioned, then thats another thing. There are plenty of fish, but perhaps not enough etiquette that follows. Trollers... please be observant to where those anglers that are anchored up, look behind you!
  2. Last year I didn't even mind the whole troller controversy. My friends and I were anchored up and we didn't plan on moving. We were close to each other, because we were friends and when others moved with in a one cast radius to also anchor up it didn't really bother us. The troller that rolled around us and in and out was just sort of laughable so we stayed friendly, even after said troller got mad at us when my buddy missed a fish and his back cast caught up on them when they were directly behind him. The troller thought my buddy did it on purpose. Funny how intentions and perceptions are missunderstood. We had fun that day and in no way meant anyone harm but a few people took our fun to be arrogance.

    I'll be back again and again I'll have fun. Hope to see you all out there, find the loud guy who is excited when others and himself catch fish and pop over and say hi.

  3. The forecast I've been watching has changed some. Instead of snow, it's now chance of showers with a high of 50. Hmmmmm....might have to see how it developes for Tues & Wed.
  4. Steve, I saw that too... with rain and 50's I'll gladly take that over mid 30's and windy. Will play it by ear and make the decision Monday if its a go or no go...
  5. It will be a Monday decision for me also. The forecast now is back to snow showers. Not my favorite fishing conditions.
  6. Major cabin fever!!! NEED TO FISH! Im dying here looking out the window as its snowing at my house and wondering what it looks like on the other side of the pass. I've got my gear ready to rock and roll, but no where to go. I may just bite the bullet and make a rocket run tomorrow a.m.
  7. I recall the great
    trolling controversy
    of last year....major bunched
    up panties.

  8. looks like I may be able to get in a few hours on Thursday afternoon on my way to Spokane
    And maybe on the way home as well
    I'll be packing ultra lite though and fishing out of my boat
    I'll be driving a green Outback
  9. Just got off the phone from a member who is in the Lenice parking lot. WINDY then shit
  10. I feel your pain Paul. I just didn't think the trip over the pass would be good pulling the trailer. I'll wait a week oe so and go then.
  11. Scott not having a good time???? :hmmm:
  12. Hey if any one is heading out from Spokane and has room for +1 and a float tube I would love to go.
  13. Scott is fine ,spoke with him again, wind has died down,alittle chilly around 36 deg, some rain and If I know Scott plenty of Scotch antifreeze.
  14. tight lines and many a hardy tug with head shake to all that get to indulge on the opening.
  15. I bet he will.......I'm going to have to crack open the Crown Royal Reserve I bought for the opener and drown my sorrows for missing out. ptyd
  16. I plan to go over in acouple weeks or so, let the water temp come up alittle.
  17. Think you're a smart man... I too am not ready to venture out until the water temps reach at least 44/45 degrees.
  18. You got that right Paul, No need to drag the fish in, I wanna see some runs and head shakes and some tail dancing. Will keep you advised on the dates.
  19. Hey Islander (Steve), it that Scott (MicroBrew) that is over there now? If you talk to Scott again will you ask him for a water temp, please?

    We had planned our yearly drive over, but I don't know if I am going to brave the pass pulling a trailer... I just am really conflicted... a buddy that lives in the tri-cities told me that the lake is probably really still to cold, he hasn't seen much bug activity at his house.
  20. 5 pm , just got another report from Scott, slow day two fish to hand. He is packing up in the morning and heading back, water to cold to produce decent fishing.

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