Lenice on opening day. Roll call?

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by Tony the Trout, Feb 16, 2011.

  1. Trout Master, you are making it really hard for me to get pumped up about going over and freezing my ass off.
  2. Nailbender, Why fish when water temps so cold, We all go to the basin to get hard fighting fish. Water temp in the 30's the fish are slugs no fight to them , MY 2 cents.
  3. I know you are right, just getting spring fever or cabin fever? already pulled the plug on this weekend.
  4. Right there with ya, The fish at Lone have no fight, need to get into some screamers.
  5. Hey Shawn, I haven't heard from Scott, but Trout Master has. Sounds like the water temps are still pretty low. I'll go in a week or so.
  6. Thanks for the reply you guys... with the water so cold, I pulled the plug and will just keep "working"... today is my 30 year anniversary with my company... I would rather be fishing but... the $$$$ are good to...

    Cheers and I will be there is a couple of week.... rain, sleet, snow or hail...! The fever is just getting to be too much...!
  7. Okay, here's what I got for you guys/gals.

    Fortunately, I made it over on Monday before the controlled avalanche stoppage, and before the unexpected avalanche. Snowing hard and it was compact snow most of the way from Northbend past Cle Elum. I certainly would not have wanted to take a moho through that.

    Got to Lenice and there was one tent set up. No others around. Quite a change from past years. There was some wind, which was tolerable. Had a nice visit around a good campfire with the other campers. They had hit RF on Monday with some success. Another couple of guys showed up in a motor home.

    Had a few others show up on the morning opener. Chad from DFW showed up to check things out. He trook the H2O Temp - 5 degrees C - you do the conversion. Another person had the temp at 38-39. Now for my non-fishing report. Tough day for me only two to hand. A very nice tiger, 17-18" on a chromie behind the island. Later in the day, a nice midge hatch came off and I was throwing a size 20 black thing, dry, had a couple ot hits and brought one to the net. I was the last off of the lake and really didn't get a chance to talk to too many others. I figure 8 - 10 on the lake throughout the day.

    Hey TT & E, what happened to you guys.

    Today, had a nice chat with Gary out ot Yakima - met him last year on the opener, and met Andy from Portland - he was there yesterday too.

    For those of you that elected to stay on the wet side, a good choice. Like many have said, better to wait a bit to let the temps come up a bit.

    Did see another guy this morning that was there yesterday. He did okay in the west end throwing big black leeches, bringing 12 to the boat. He was back out again today.

    Now I got to get things unpacked and dried out.

  8. Scotto, your Hardcore.
  9. sounds like there won't be much of a crowd when I show up tomorrow afternoon for a few hours before heading to Spokane.
    still trying to decide on which game plan to stick with - casting/stripping buggers/nymphs or chiro/bobber fishing.
    weather looks OK. I'll be pulling up in a olive Outback

  10. My friend and I fished Lenice on the opener from about 10-2. That was about all our feet could handle. I brought 3 to the net and my buddy got 2. Size ranged from 16"-20". We were using bunny and micro leeches. Had lots of short takes. The water is so cold I think the fish might still be a bit lethargic. Did not see too many other fish caught although there were not many other fisherman on the lake. It was good to get out and set the hook a few times. :thumb:

    Scott: PM sent :clown:
  11. And to think I was actually jealous on March 1st. I am glad I tied flies instead. Planning to ge out in two or three weeks.
  12. I hit Lenice on Friday and fished from 1130 til 500. Hit one Bow trolling a streamer across to the islands about 17 inches within 5 minutes of leaving the launch site. Got three more on a small chironomid pattern in front of the islands and then headed west and got 3 more in the large bay among the islands. In the west end started seeing a pretty decent chironomid hatch and started tossing a size 22 parachute Adams and got 2 on that. All those fish were cookie cutter 17-19 inches. Then at 430 I started trolling an olive Hale Bopp size 12 along the south side and hit a nice 22-23 incher. Finally right in front of the launch I hit another cookie cutter. By then the heels were numb and I was out of beer. Pretty decent day despite the cold water.

    I'll post pictures of the biggun later.

  13. Ryfly:

    Nice day for you. Any improvement on the H20 temp?

  14. Here's my report from Saturday.

    C-c-c-cold water was the theme of the day. Irafly and I were on the water from 7:30am-6pm. My feet swelled up like helium balloons on the walk back to the truck at the end of the day. I spoke with a couple guys that reported 39° water temps. The creel checker said it has come up a couple degrees since the opener. It was the kind of day where we tried everything and just when we thought we had something figured out, it shut down. Cutting to the chase: from 8:30-9:30am I had consistent action on a heavily weighted dragon nymph on the mud flats in 6-10’. After that, my next success was from 11:45-12:45 fishing a micro leech under a bobber in 15’. I finished off the day with a chironomid bite from 4-5pm near the islands in 8’. Got one 18" brown on a chromie, the rest were rainbows from 16-19”. We caught a mix of big-headed snakey fish and deep bodied slabs. Beautiful day on the water. I’ll be back once water temps come up to the 50’s.
  15. I'm fairly certain that troutpocket ended up with more fish than anyone that day, his early morning bite put him over the edge. We did catch fish, but as troutpocket said we had to worrrrrrrrrrk for them. I ended up with 10 fish on 6 different bugs. Nothing seemed to be consistent but I did end up with 8 of my 10 under the cheerful orb.


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