Lenice or Nunnally this weekend

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by dp, Nov 5, 2013.

  1. dp

    dp ~El Pescador

    I am on a roll and have done some sort of fishing every weekend since the beginning of July.
    I plan to head east on Saturday. It is a toss up for either Lenice or Nunnally. I would consider Lenice to be my home waters, but Nunnally was fun last week. I've heard Lenice has small fish and I know Nunnally did not have any monster fish in it either. So I am torn. I will know a group who will be on Lenice starting Thursday and thru the weekend so maybe they will help me make a decision.
    Any one going to be over there this weekend? Suggestions?
    let me know

  2. Scott Salzer

    Scott Salzer previously micro brew

    No suggestions but if you head north, you can find me.

    Have a good trip.

  3. dp

    dp ~El Pescador

    north as in Dry Falls or further?
  4. Scott Salzer

    Scott Salzer previously micro brew

    DF it is.
  5. Ron Olsen

    Ron Olsen Member

    Fished Nunnally Monday. Beautiful day, breeze that occasionally hit 10+ mph. Water temp 48, water clear most weeds gone. Many smallish fish, around 10", another class of 14 to 15" brutes (really strong fish!) and a few larger up to 18". No big browns or tigers this time, though lost three much larger fish, just couldn't keep the hook set on the subtle takes. Caught fish with every fly tried, Jim Beams under an indicator, callibaetis, thin mint, maroon Hale Bopp, but the big producer of the larger fish was my Sunny Delight, a pumkinseed sunfish fry immitation. Made that up after having some larger fish barf them up in the net. Most larger fish came from a jerky retrieve from 20' up to 12', along ledges. Hale Bopp and callibaetis worked best with a very slow retrieve working up from 15' to 8' on the larger shoals. Sonar a big help in finding fish and setting up for the retrieve. Fun day.
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  6. troutpocket

    troutpocket Active Member

    The late, great Tim Irish showed me a sunfish fry imitation he tied for the basin lakes when he worked at Worley Bugger. His used several high quality Schlappen feathers in bright colors palmered onto the hook then trimmed to the appropriate shape.
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  7. dp

    dp ~El Pescador

    we ended up fishing Lenice. I had 3 guys fishing there since mid-week and they said they were tearing them up. We fished on Saturday (was told Friday was windy but still produced fish) and the weather was calm and cloudy - you never took any clothing off all day. I would even say it was warmer in the morning. probably 10-12 guys fishing the lake and it seemed everyone was catching fish (excpet one guy who stayed close to shore and appeared to be chiro fishing). Fish were thru out the lake and various nymphs were working. Low and slow was the game for stillwater nymphs. If you weren't hooking into the weeds on the very bottom every once in awhile, then you were not deep enough. Fished ranged from 12-18 inches. I caught one that was 17 inches but when laid in my hand, its belly laid past finger tips - Fat with a big soft belly (reminds me of someone). Great day on the water. Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves and I am glad I chose Lenice over Nunnally this trip.
    Plan ot be there one last time on the 23rd
  8. Scott Salzer

    Scott Salzer previously micro brew

    Thanks, Dave. Unfortunately, I got other plans - made for me - can't make it. Have a good trip.

    Safe travles to ya.
  9. tonemike

    tonemike fish'n glass

    any chance you have a picture of the Sunny Delight? i've never seen one and when searching, i found a few pictures that depicted flies all VERY different from one another.

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