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  1. What's happening on Lenice? What was the wind like the last three days? Are the fish working the surface actively? Any damsel nymph movement to speak of yet?

    Thanks for any help!

  2. Hope you get some replies! I'm on the west side and thinking aobut heading over on Tuesday. Hurry up and respond, fellas!
  3. That's when I'm thinking about heading up there as well. My fishing buddy is back in town and wants to hit Lenice. I was up there on Friday and got skunked. Lots of mayflies coming off up but the surface action was very limited. I tried nymphing with chronomids, pheasant tails, beadhead prince and damsel nymphs (another fisherman told me he caught a 17" rainbow with a damsel nymph). Tried various drys particularly late in the afternoon (from 6-7:30 p.m.).

    The weather looks to be real iffy on Monday and maybe into Tuesday. I'll wait to see the weather report and if it's real bad, I'll wait until Wednesday.
  4. I'm a big believer in just going. That is part of the fun and adventure of the sport we all enjoy. The wind may blow one day and not the next. Just because one person reports they didn't catch fish doesn't mean you won't. Hatches vary from day to day also. If you are worried about the wind, have a back up plan. I live in Seattle, so if I get blown out by the wind, I can go further east and fish other lakes or turn around and hit the Yakima. You can also check out the wind at weather.com
    I fished Nunnally on Sunday the 19th. Very light winds and hatches.
    I managed to hook nine fish, bring six to hand. All bows in the 17 to 22" range. Five good fighters and one slug. One taken on a chironomid, four on a parachute chironomid emerger, and on on a parachute adams.
    Overall a tough day, but still a lot of fun and much better then working.
    Tight Lines,
  5. Ronbow

    Hi guys. Fished Nunnally Sunday on the way back from visiting my son at WSU. Fished from noon to 6. No surface action except for the east end of the lake, which I missed; apparently that was between 11 and 1. Mix of chironomids and callibaetis. Many shucks on the water from chironomids (sizes 10 to 20!), also some damsels and dragons, but saw no nymphs. Lots of damsels in the air, but nothing happening on the water. Two more weeks? I did fine floating and long dry lining chironomids, #12 snowcone and #16 olive. One fish 23" and about that around! No wind, sunny 75 degrees.
    The lake has been planted, lots of 5" rainbow. Also saw lots of sunfish along the edge. Rats. And on the way out confronted two hispanic men without rods. Others in the parking lot said two others were there Saturday.
    Good luck if you go.
  6. On Friday, there were five hispanic men that came in and fished the westend with hand lines. I saw them catch a number of fish and saw one of them leave with two really nice sized fish.

    One guy in a float tube called his buddy on his cell phone and told him to call the police. There's no way the police are coming out there for poachers and the Fish & Wildlife have no chance of catching these farm workers unless they stake out the lakes for a few days (fat chance).

    I understand these guys need to eat and I'm a little more understanding if that's all they are doing but it won't be long and they'll get braver and someone will get robbed or cars will get broken into. Be real careful walking out in the dark.
  7. I was recently told by a Fish & Game Agent that the quickest way to get a response from the game dept. for violations, poachers, etc. is to call the Washington State Patrol. She told me that they monitor the same radio frequency. Apparently calling Olympia on the 800 number takes longer.
  8. Please try to post on Tuesday eve if you do go over. I decided to hit it on Wednesday so would appreciate a report if you can post it. Good luck.
  9. A lot will be determined on whether we go or not by the weather tomorrow. The forecast is for winds in the 20-30 mph range. If it's blowing we ain't goin'! If we do go tomorrow then I'll post a report. If there's no report then we'll end up there on Wednesday instead.

    By the way, we're from the Tri-Cities so we can wait until the last minute to check the weather and decide to go. Lenice is only 64 miles door to door for us.

  10. Didn't go today (Tuesday) because of the blowing wind. May not go tomorrow but wait until Thursday instead.
  11. I'm in Gig Harbor and planning on leaving Wed a.m. about 4:30...What's your number and I'll give you a wake up call and you can go out your door to see if it's blowin' and save me from blowin' 6 hours roundtrip. We've been catching salmon and ling cod in the sound so maybe I'll just stay home...ahh, what the heck...if it's blowin hard I'll use the time to scout the Yak as I've never fished it and don't know the wading access points...any suggestions if this is the case?
  12. I suggest that you not leave that early. We don't plan on getting up there until after 2:00 p.m (if we go). You can go to the weather channels web site and check on the weather / wind. Get it for Ellensburg, Moses Lake and Hanford, this will give you a good idea of what's happening. It's suppose to die down to around 10 mph. That's manageable.

    If you go to the Yakima there's a lot of places to check out. I fish in the lower canyon but I'm sure you can get info on the upper canyon if you call the Wooley Bugger shop in Ellensburg (509)962-2033. The river is way up from top to bottom so it will a lot of scouting and not much fishing if you're on foot.

    Good luck

  13. Hey bugbitten, we didn't go as it was really blowing in the Tri-Cities this morning (Wednesday). We're going to go on Thursday instead. Let me know #1 if you went and #2 how it was, if you did go.

  14. Hi folks,

    I was at Lenice on Sat evening later half till dusk. Slow - picked up two 18-20" near the middle "island" on north side kitty corner from the main launch area. ~ 6- 10ft water over the weed beds. Belive it or not, using a damsel nymph on float line, 4x flourocarbon ~ 10ft, fairly standard pattern, easy tie, and effective:(very very light olive/tan marabou, #12 200R [weighted], copper wire rib, homade mono eyes, olive poly dub thorax, mottled turkey case back, partridge 'legs). Probabbly still a bit early for the real damsel activity the fish key on (June?), but I did much better with those damsels than anything else that day. Maybe it was just me, the fish cooperating, or the moon phase...

    Most the other guys (and gals:) on the lake looked like they were using the standard chrono arsenel or big stuff deep (leeches etc.)

    I switched to a #6 black wooley bugger around dusk and trolled for browns into the darkness- nada.. called it a night, tent camped near the lot.

    Sunday, drove down to Nunally expecting a great day. NOT! My 1st time ever - completly skunked! Argh! It happens. Oh well, the wx was great, sunny clear, NO WIND to speak of, which is a nice change from the whitecaps and bobbing floatube scene. Other folks on lake looked like they were doing better than I just getting a sunburn. A couple passed me in the middle of the east end and were getting fish on every 5 min.! Gezz! (I asked her, and they were using black chronos). Humm.. the day I figure out chronomid fishing technique at Nunnally/Lenice..:) (Im more into the drys like mays and dry damsels in early July).

    Now just as a footnote to why we all have "good" and "not so good" fishing expeditions; I was at Dry Falls most of Saturday. I only have a tube (not pontoon), so this is the time of year I can get back into the shallows of Dry Falls without scraping my legs and butt in the weeds and mud.. Dry Falls was a joy as usual - using that magic damsel again hooked up several. Anyone notice that some of the fish in Dry Falls seem to be looking a bit beat up? I mean scars, etc. Is this place C&R'd to much ya think?
  15. Sounds like you had a fun time any way. Well it sounds like the c&r at Dry falls is working which means it's working in other places (rocky ford, yakima,) and other catch and release waters.I would rather catch a few with a scar than none at all.Thanks for the post I can't wait to get over there again. :THUMBSUP


  16. just typed in a great message for you and then I think I dumped it before sending...here's an abbreviated version:

    The wind blew hard all day, we got on the lake about noon, tried a variety, hooked up a nice brown on a damsel nymph. When the wind did calm (about 3 times for 10 minutes) the fish were rising. Hooked up but lost one on a bwo. This was my second trip - first was in March. Always fished rivers so am learning the lake scenario and having a blast. Float tubes are a kick. We did cross paths with a rattle snake just past the cliff heading to the left end at the corner. It was coiled and rattling under a bush. Had the pleasure of catching the first, biggest and most (this was my buddy's first time and he had hand surgery last week) but hate to admit that 1 fish was all it took for the hat trick. He wasn't suppose to get the bandage wet so he wrapped it in cellophane but it didn't help when he took a dip trying to get into his tube and plunged the hand into the water and down into the muck. Got stuck for an hour on the way home on the overpass just after the Snoqualmie Ski area - semi vs motorhome. Got out as I had to pee and went behind a semi in the outside lane which provided a perfect screen. Gravity prevailed and I came back around just in time to watch the stream flow towards a woman standing outside of her car talking on a cell....in her bare feet! I was able to rush back into the car before impact and my buddy and I watched as she looked down and realized what had just happened. Haven't laughed so hard in a long time and the best part is she didn;t know who had done it. Made it home, kissed the wife, tucked in the kids and figured you might have been on. We had a great time and adventure despite the high winds and lack of hookups but can't wait for the next trip over. Keep me posted. Ken
  17. Winds are already dying down some and tomorrow is suppose to be fairly nice. My buddy and I are heading up. I'll fill you in on what happens tomorrow night.

  18. jus2fish
    Hi; I enjoy reading the posts. I am heading to join the crowds this weekend at or near Lenice. Can anyone suggest places to camp within 25 miles or so of Lenice. Also if the wind is to much any other lakes to travel from there would be appreciated. I will let everyone know how my son and I did when we return.
  19. The chaps who decided not to go on Tues made the right call. We went with our own porta-crowd: one novice, one moderately experienced angler, three of the best fly-fishers in the Northwest, and me. We got spanked pretty hard. I don't believe I've ever actually been skunked at Lenice before. Nobody touched a thing. The wind blew too hard to kick a float tube against all day.

    We did have rising fish against the bank just west of the main launch as we got in the water. Being the gracious blowhard that I am, I left them to two of the other guys, with some unsoliocited advice, while I paddled off to find my own fortunes. I found nothing but whitecaps over the back of my tube, while those two knuckleheads had rising fish for a couple hours in the small lees against the south-west bank and never turned a one. Being the petty blowhard that I am, I console/berate myself with the conviction that had I stayed, I could have shown them how it's done.

    Finally moved down to the extreme south-west corner where there was some respite from the gales. Fished the flats and the drop-offs to no avail. Never even saw a fish swimming around under the fins, considered giving the channel cove a go, but I couldn't make myself paddle back out iinto the waves. Sticking around till dark might have pulled something out, but I wasn't prepared to endure any more abuse. I left thinking that I used to be pretty good at this.

    May brave the crowds this weekend to get back up on this damned horse.
  20. Thursday report. Weather was very nice - high 60's, off and on clouds and sun, very little wind. We started fishing around 2:45 - 3:00 p.m. and got out of the water at about 7:00p.m. As I like to say - the fishing was good but the catching was slow! Not much surface action. My fishing buddy caught and landed 6 fish (5 rainbows in the 18-20" range and 1 tiger trout in the 16" range) all with some type of nymph (black chronomids mostly). I had three hook ups and had all three break off (one wind knot breakage). I was using 6 X tippet and the other two break offs were my fault. I tried to set the hook too hard - I jerked one way and the fish went the other and the tippet was too light to do that. All my short term hook ups were also with nymphs.

    Oh well, one of these days I'll learn. Not many others on the lake but I'm sure it will pick up over the three day weekend.

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