Lenore after the spring boom?

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by zippwald1, Jun 2, 2005.

  1. zippwald1 Air Force Guy

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    :confused: I have fished Lenore in the early spring and late fall with great success...anyone ever do any good in the middle? I'm thinking of draging a bugger around this weekend.
  2. ncitrez Too many hobbies.....

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    I fished Lenore a couple of weekends ago. First time for me fishing that lake beyond March. The wind was bad that day, and the weed growth/algae has started to get thick. First skunking of my life at that lake, but I chalked it up to the weather & wind. There's probably some fish to be had, but I doubt it will fish like it does in March. One good thing is you will probably have the lake to yourself! Good luck!
  3. msteudel Mark Steudel

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    Well not sure if August helps you out, but I went out for a three day to that area in august last summer and did very well. I also hit rocky ford and dry falls. I caught about 5 fish on one afternoon and 1 in the morning on another day, below are some pictures from my trip.

  4. David Waite New Member

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    Just got back from Lenore this week and had good luck on black and green Cronomids.We fished for 3 hours in the morning (5:30-8:30) caught 3 nice fish. I can't remember what they were useing but it wasn't the the same thing.They got none. We fished across from the caves straight across and back very slow from the tube. I got one on the far side and 2 in the middle.Fished very slow and close to the bottom. There was a big hatch going in the middle of the lake. Very obvious what to use. Good luck