Lenore and Blue with LOVE..........

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by dreamonafly, Jun 13, 2011.

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    our llittle road trip yesterday.... went out to lenore and Blue with my buddy who have just fished for the first himself last week and told me about these monster trout he hook, so I was really stoke to go, beside wanted to try out my new RIde(pontoon)..

    Keeping the story short.... Blue lake did not disappoint, we decided to hit blue lake first because there lot more fish to catch there and beside we saving the best for last.... hes right, we hook into a dozen each from 6-10, than it suddenly went cold for few hours, so decide to pull out and go get some lunch and relaxed alittle than hit lenore because he told me it best fish the late on the north end and the far west side because the cliff shadow the water there and fish likes a the shade...

    so we went to Big Willys for some food and beverage near bank lake "I think".. and got a little drunk so we decide to sit inthe restaurnat for a while, and wait out this heat for a while. on our we back to lenore we stop by Dry Falls and met this gentleman who was fishing there the last couple days and show me some pictures of these monster brown trout he caught, we are talking talking about 20" plus..WOW...he also give us some secret fly to catch the Browns...

    so after 3-4hours of drunken wondering we finally got to Lenore. heard so much great story about her, but never fish it, heres the crazy story, as we pulling the parking area, there were two couple fishing, I said Hi, they just pack up and left, my buddy though i scare them off, we finally realize why they left, there were a cup of night craler, they was fishihng illegally, its a select fishing lake,than as we start to unload our pontoon, another strange fella, stop by and started to talk to us, still a little buzz, we didnt relize we have sit there and talk to him for almozt two hours, strange guy, he gave us his business card and it read.. his name.. Walking across AMerica..... he start in tacoma and will try to walk across america to boston.. nuts or insane??? so we finally parted way and get back to our fishing, i was amzed how different lenore and blue are, lenore has such of peaceful and calm and magical place, were the blue was a zoo.. we split up and try to hit both side of the lake, with in 5 minute i feel this big jerk, but no hook up and few minute lately BAM BATman my rod was bend to the cord, so i took it off the rod holder and start to gain some line back, everytime it gift alittle it goes straight down deeper, it was like watching paint dry, in a good way, the time seen still, because of the magical surounding, fighting this fish, i know it was huge, but didnt relize this big, till i got him around a few feet on the water and relize my net is way too small so my newbie move was to grab it by the tail, as i pull him closer, I could not control my breath and heart rate, it was the most beautiful specimen i ever seen, sorry no picture on this one because i wasnt able to land it and pull out my phone, that was going to happen, so off she goes, i was so stoke i got to lit up another cigar, no more than five minute bam another fish, this time i was a smaller one around 26" weighted in at 10.2lb, which i kept... got a few more hook up but did not land....

    what a perfect day till the last hour. didnt relize we been on the water for hours and my battery is dead, i was way up north of the lake and fighting an on coming wind, andmy buddy is nowhere to be seen. i panic some. dont even know how to row a boat, first day on the pontoon.. yazz so took a deep breath and told myself, I could do does-just easy does it,(more like fake it till you make it).. so i do couple pratice move with the oar, hey its moving, so the next hour was about as hard as another I have done it my life..because of the cliff and corner in the lake, every turn seen like the other, just when i though i am there, just another corner. finally just as i was to pull on to land and walk back to the boat lauch, finally saw my bubby to the rescue.. when we got to the boat lanch. All we could do is smile and watch the sun set on the hills, just thingking what a wonderful place we live in....
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    I'm not quite sure what to say honestly... But that's one heck of a fish!!! Congrats
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    I'm gonna get some popcorn and put my feet up and enjoy the show.
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    I'm gonna join ya
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    Interesting! Nice Fish...
  7. Go Fish Language, its a virus

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    Was Hunter S. Thompson in his
    regular booth at Big Wally's?
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    Nice fish. A word of caution about Lenore that I learned from painful experiences (yes, plural - no one-time-learning for me) while propelling my pontoon boat via my fins while wearing swim trunks and neoprene socks. The lake has schistosome parasites = swimmers itch (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Schistosomiasis. A larval stage, the cercaria, burrows out of snails, the intermediate host. They home in on warm flesh, like bare legs of humans (or birds in this case). In birds, they complete their life cycle. Fortunately, the larvae cannot penetrate too far into human skin and are blocked/killed by the immune system. The resulting swelling is swimmer's itch (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Swimmer%27s_itch. Think of it as the worst mosquito bites that you have ever had.

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    Front row seat, but the visiting team is weak so far...solid performance by the home team...:beer1:
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    Sure would have been nice for that specimen to survive so others may make its acquaintance.
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    WOW!!!!!! Mumbles your are right on!
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    My bad.. It's call big wallys.. I bought a cap there with there logo, it's a gas station/deli/ ice cream and liquor store... Pretty friendly place, we both have the Wally burger.. It was as big as 5big Mac. Drunks a 6pack between, within 15 minute, it's taste Sooo good, especially when you thirsty..going this weekend you alway welcome to come..
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    Sup Evan... So may I ask? Why you guy alway say get some popcorn?
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    Not really sure, this is the first time for me, like I said friendly people....beside we drunk..
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    Hello Mumbles.. My buddy told me only keep the little one, leave the big one along, I kept this fish because I promise my mom a fish, because I have not gave her a fish for long time, alway tell her Im going fish, she doesn't understand why go fish and get nothing in return..

    I definitely agree with you on leaving these beautiful for everyone to enjoy, I should kept one of the planter rainbow from blue lake instead for my mom..

    Thanks for the pointer,..lesson learned
  16. Trout Master Active Member

    For reading this , I feel I'm gonna be itching all night, a friend of mine got the swimmers itch rreal bad on his legs at Big Twin last year. Bothered him for about two weeks,wasnt pretty.
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    Interesting steam of consciousness post there and some nice fish. I thought of Hunter S Thomson too. :clown:

    Good to see Lenore is still producing some fish. Lake has been a bit down the past few year.

    Beautiful lakes there in E Washington

    Now i have no issues with keeping and eating fish but cannot imagine eating a Lahontan Cut anytime from an Alkaline lake like Lenore, especially in Summer temps. Typically a C&R lake. I see people keep fish there and in Grimes. Must taste like spoiled cat food. IMO

    Now Blue Lake fish are very good eating fish into July. I think Mom would really appreciate a limit from there.

    Anyway thanks for sharing and a designated driver is always a good thing
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    What kind of signs should I look for? Should go see the doctor?
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    Sounds like one CF of a trip, but hey, you caught fish and some nice ones at that. By the way I have some friends that can match you guys both in the CF and drinking departments. Hope you guys never meet up in that area at the same time. Have fun.
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