Lenore and Blue with LOVE..........

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by dreamonafly, Jun 13, 2011.

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    Appreciate the report. Very glad that you and other drivers out there are still alive. Not sure that your trophy fish is still alive considering the left half of his gills likely no longer work.

    Swimmer's itch is a beast! Never again!
  2. dreamonafly

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    Correction need to be maded...

    We sat in big wallys deli area for couple hours to sober up, before we head out in the road, in no mean we were endangering anyone, we were just feeling a buzzzzz, 6 beer between 2 guys.. The beer went down a little faster than normal, because it was a hot day..
    The fish on the pictures was the one fish we both kept the whole trip, the bigger fish was never taken out of the water....
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    You'll have to let us know how that fish tasted. I've heard they are better eating than most might think.
  4. Eric Tarcha

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    jimmy you fish killer! :clown:
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    you will know in about 3 days after leaving the lake, swimmers itch can be avoided by toweling your self off after leaving the water, or so my doctor says. Now every time I hear a canadian loon call I start to itch!!!
  6. would you please tell me what you were using cause i am planning on going up there this weekend,
  7. dreamonafly

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    sorry Eric.. I did it for mom....
  8. dreamonafly

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    My buddy told me last night he's feeling some itch, I did want to scare him, because we both did know... I told maybe it might be sunburn... I hope..
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    Pm send... Keep it a secret..
  10. Ed Call

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    Untreated cases of swimmers itch can lead to testicular atrophy, which could be some serious shit if you care to keep the boys intact. Better spend some time doing some self examination. I've read that mega doses of cold bicillin bilaterally injected intra-muscularly into the gluteus maximus is the best method to counteract the damage. Check with your local health care provider and get their opinion, their kids need new braces and a fattening college fund.
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    Wow,, you guys really freakin me out here.. Please someone tell me, you guy just kidding around..
  12. Travis Bille

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    It can also lead to acute adult onset cryptorchidism (AAOC), a condition where the testicles retract back up into the pelvic cavity
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    going to lenore tomorrow morning, any pointers or flies to try?
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    Pm sended