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    Will be fishing Lenore and Dry Falls next week and know nothing about them. Can I get some suggestions on flies, areas to fish and etc? We'll have toons to fish from but we're both old and beaten up so we like to spend more time on productive water and less time exploring.
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    For the best, most up-to-date info on the area, stop in Ephrata and see Darc at the Desert Angler. He is awesome and often has some killer local patterns as well as the low-down.

    For the traditional spring Lahontan fishery at Lenore, you really don't need a boat if you stick to the north end - and it is difficult to impossible to launch one there anyway. The closest launch would require a long row, although some people fish by the launch and do well. Watch for the 'area closed' signs to the right of this launch (the northern-most one) as the area near the mouth of the spawning creek is closed. Olive chironomids and snowcones have always done well for me at Lenore but the fishing seems to have slowed down in the last few years.

    The dirt road to Dry Falls is famous for being rough so plan to go slowly. Chironomid guys do great but I usually strip a small leech/bugger and do ok. If you like birds, be sure to bring binoculars to Dry Falls. If the fishing is slow, you can occupy yourself for hours just watching the birds and looking at the amazing geology.
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  3. zen leecher aka bill w

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    There are some other "anything goes" lakes that are worth fishing. But they do not have the good camping area of Sun Lakes state park. Other than one lake that has is a good sized lake, the other ones could be covered in an afternoon of fishing.

    I have not heard anything good from Lenore this year but then the info could be going under the radar.
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    The birds are just starting to get real active. A lot of pillow talk from the falcons and the canyon wrens are singing all day. Not a lot from the RWBBS yet but they are there.

    Lenore - A few wade fishing the north end on the April opener. I would agree that Lenore can be difficult in tubes, plus the wind can really blow on that lake.

    DF - Would be your better option. You can do well in sticking to the east side, the put in side bays, rock walls & drop offs, or venturing to the north bay which has some shallows and us generally about 12-14' deep. Everything to the south of the put in is shallow sfuff and not doable in a tube. You might be tempted to hit the west shore below the observation area but that can be a long trip back if the wind kicks up.
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    Thanx all. Headin that way tomorrow.
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    Big article in the Spokesman Review. 4 west side men arrested with 242 trout that they netted out of Lenore. http://www.spokesman.com/stories/2013/apr/12/officers-seize-242-trout-arrest-suspected-poachers/
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    There are several public accesses along the east shore of Lake Lenore that provide easy launch points (and outhouses, something else that we old folks appreciate).

    The main launch area for Dry Falls Lake is an extended, very shallow, very mucky area that is easy to cross with shallow boats and float tubes, but is a nightmare obstacle for belly boaters. The access road is short but rough; manageable with normal vehicles, but watch for high-center grabbers. Take a few minutes in the historical display building and observation area above the lake. It's not just a great trout lake, it's a display of the most awe-inspiring geological events in the Pacific Northwest's history.
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    Thanx all.
  9. zen leecher aka bill w

    zen leecher aka bill w born to work, forced to fish

    A lot of people haven't had good luck at Lenore but I did hear of a group of 5 people who got into a bunch of fish there.
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