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Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by Ben Swaner, Mar 20, 2013.

  1. Looking for some more knowledge on Lenore Lake. I'm planning on making a trip to Rocky Ford and Lenore sometime mid April. Are there any particular places that I should focus on? I'm aware that the Cutts will be heading to spawn. I was thinking of working bright colored buggers and various streamers while wading the shorelines. I couldn't find much reference material on Lenore so I thought i would turn to you guys and gals for some info. Any info would be appreciated.
  2. Most of the pressure is on the north end, also primarily chironomids w/ indicators. Other good areas are working the shore line, both north and south of the Israel launch, 1st launch from Soap Lake. Can be real productive sight fishing with chirono's w/ indicator, your buggers and streamers may also produce. Good Luck!!!
  3. Any chironomid patterns you would suggest if i have to resort to bobber watching?
  4. As a card carrying member of the Chironomid Cult, I've always had luck with black snow cones at Lenore ;)
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  5. Also try a Claret Seal Bugger
  6. Stop at the shop in Ephrata for the latest info.
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  7. Great advise, I've found that a few bucks spent on flies at a local shop can yield some pretty valuable and current info. Plus, it helps keep them open.
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  8. "Resort to bobber watching?" I'm a hard core bobber watcher and I really enjoy watching my bobber go under or sideways! It's a super productive method especially in cold temps and lethargic fish. Black with silver or red ribbing is a good start, best info comes from a fish you can take a throat sample from. Good luck and good fishing!
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  9. No advice from me as I'm a member of the bobber watcher hater hater club.
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  10. Clousers have never done me wrong, safe with leeches with red
  11. Haha. I'm by no means a bobber watcher hater. I got spoiled growing up on the many wonderful rivers in SE Idaho and wasn't accustomed to much stillwater fishing. Chironomid fishing is very intriguing to me but I just haven't spent much time doing it. I'm sure as I live here more I will pick it up. It's a super effective way to fish Stillwaters. Last trip out trolling buggers seemed to be as effective as chirono fishing and less sedentary.

    Thanks for all your guys advice so far. Great stuf! I will totally hit up the desert angler for some flies and tips. I try to visit local fly shops wherever I'm travelikg due to lack of shops in WW.

    Keep the great advice coming if your willing... :)
  12. Us bobber watcher hater hater's are a sensitive lot and look for the slightest insult. Checking with Darc would be a good thing as I personally haven't heard squat about Lenore results. But then we've had winds over 20 mph for the past 5 days.
  13. My apologies if I offended any chironomid guys!:) After all we are all out for the same reason to have a good time and catch some trout if were lucky. I'll check with Darc.
  14. It's pronounced, "IN-DA-KATOR" and observing the indicator bob in the waves is a pleasant time for introspection. Today isn't windy yet but the forecast is for 15 mph winds and snow on the pass.
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  15. Ben,
    I used to think chironomid fishing was boring. Likely because I wasn't very good at it and didn't understand all the nuances involved in it.
    I've still got more to learn. With chironomids making up at least half spring diet of stillwater trout, I'd think it is a technique that shouldn't overlooked.
    Just one more tool in your bag of tricks when other things aren't producing.
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  16. Its important to remember that fishing chironmids goes far beyond "watching a bobber".... While that technique is effective, there are other types of presentations when fishing chiros that are equally (if not more) effective in certain conditions...
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  17. Soo I've seen a couple of reports that Lenore isn't fishing well... Anyone heard otherwise. Does fishing start to pick up around April?
  18. I fished it for a couple hours the other day on the way home from the ford. No sign of fish and the visibility was very poor. No other fishermen on the north end.
  19. You should try Lenice or Nunally, or after April 1st Blue, Dry falls ect. There are plenty of other options, Lenore is always a crap shoot with the timing. This year seems to be worse than years past...
  20. Go to Lenice during week. Big fish in the shallows taking chronomids and damsel nymphs stripped quickly.

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