Lenore Report and Question

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by 2 Much Fishin, Oct 13, 2004.

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    Fished Lenore on Saturday afternoon for a couple hours before being blown off. The action was fast and the cutthroat were fighting hard. We lost MANY more fish than we landed. Leech patterns on a sinking line were working great.

    Question: I will have an opportunity to fish Lenore again in early November. How does it fish during that time of year?

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    Right around the beginning of November the Lahontans start to enter their winter hibernation. They usually post up in big schools in underwater caves. If you hit it right, the caves will be full of fish and working a fly near the opening will usually bring a strike. It will feel like you're hung up on a rock at first because the fish are very lethargic during this time. No one knows quite why Lahontans exhibit this behavior, but it's certainly a unique angling opportunity for a unique fish.
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    Underwater caves? Where the heck are those things on Lenore?