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Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by Wayne Kohan, Mar 23, 2007.

  1. Water temp 46 degrees. Water clarity turbid - visibility 1- 2 feet at best. Lots of weeds. Wind from the north with whitecaps, followed by calm, followed by wind from the south, followed by rain. Two fisherman, one fish, and he was hooked in da butt fin. Pretty bad day really, except I was fishing. And the Starbucks in Moses Lake was good....

    And the boat worked out well with the new trolling motor....

  2. It seems like this is shaping up to be a real down year at Lenore. Last fall wasn't all that great either. Has there been a big kill?

    Initially I was blaming it on the cold weather, but by now it should have picked up and I keep hearing bad reports. I've looked in the creek and although there are a bunch of fish in there, it is NOTHING like normal.

    Anybody have any info, or are my observations off?
  3. Wayne, you don't specify if you were at the north end or the south. It was good on the north end last Saturday. If you were at the south end, the wind has more effect on the water clarity and the amount of weeds floating.
  4. I was at the south end. Maybe I'll try the north end next time. Is there a good place to get your boat in there? It's been a few years since I've been up that way but I seem to remember having to carry my tube through a gate area - difficult to get a boat through.

  5. I have launched my boat at the creek launch and rowed up-lake to the north end. It is a good row; I'd hate to do it if the wind comes up. However, there are some good spots that hold fish on the way if you are willing to explore. I do that sometimes to get away from the crowds on the north. The local bio from Ephrata has been saying Lenore is in its best shape so I'm not sure why things have been slow for some folks.
  6. Hit it this morning. Dead - beyond dead on both ends.
  7. I think the cold water has made the difference. I have spotted fish just outside along the shore but no biters. The north end has been producing fish but to crowded for me.
  8. Don't know why everybody goes to just the north and the south end. been going there a few years now, the first time i went there i arrived at the north end, and i have to admit i was ashamed to be part of the specticle, hearding fish, surrounding them with a picket fence of waders and so on. i guess that the attraction was/is that its just convenient, being that you only have to walk a few steps to the water. it didn't make sense to me that fish would only be at these two locations. i started exploring and have found many locations all around that lake that the fish school up, didn't even have to look hard. That lake is loaded with little nooks and cranny's and you will find these fish schooled up and holding in many locations. just have to be wiling to explorer a little, of course you can without a doubt find these fish and catch many of them at the handicap location at the north end of the lake. give it a try, you will be rewarded.
  9. The last week the north end has got too crowded for me. You have to find a spot early and pretty puck stick it out. And than to top it off you get the occasional spin fisherman plinking their split shot in front of you. Or the old guy in his pontoon boat paddling through the hole.

    There has been some really good fishing. The best was when the temperature is warming up for a few days. And NO WIND. I don't know why but those fish don't move in on windy days.

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