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  1. Anyone drive by Lenore these past couple days? Heading to east side all week and might spend a day at Lenore if it is ice free.


  2. If ya wait a few weeks, you might get a "twofer". DF on the opener, or Lenore if that is your preference. (And yes, I did see "eastside all week")

    Cold, but the fishing can be good.
  3. Anyone know, is Lenore ice free?
  4. Went by Lenore today on the way to Roosevelt. Lenore is ice free. No one was fishing either time I went by.
  5. Are there still fish in Lenore?

  6. Yes, there are still plenty of fish in Lenore, they are just not as convenient to catch as they were before. 30 years ago the South end was really the place to fish, but the weed growth pushed people away to the point that they all headed to the North end. I have great pictures of the North end packed to the gills. At one point I was fishing out of my boat and I anchored very close to the shore and a guy stood next to my boat and eventually actually put his net and vest in my boat. I'm kind of a gregarious fellow so I didn't mind, but it was an honest to goodness wonderful zoo!

    Then about 4 or 5 years ago the weeds hit the North end which started to really concentrate in a very small area and folks were either in the hot tube sized area and catching fish or they were not. It was honestly kind of ridiculous.

    The fish are still there, but you need to find them around the lake in the spring spawn run in different areas. Don't let that whole poaching thing run you off.
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  7. I was literally blown off the lake. Even the whitecaps had whitecaps...
  8. I stopped and fished from the rocks last year. The visibility seemed worse than I remember, and the water smelled terrible. Not the mud, the water. I didn't see a fish rise or any other sign of fish, though I assume there are plenty around.
  9. Those fish are seriously notoriously non risers, if the water is not clear you normally will never know that they are there.

    One year knowing that I wanted to anchor in that kind of wind, my friend and I stopped at Walmart and bought some straps that we could wrap around rocks. It worked! We rocked up and anchored in an area that no one else could and sure enough we caught fish when everyone else needed to leave.
  10. The last time I was there seen fish nothing to net I seen them look at my fly turn away and I put the kitchen sink in there too should have added the stove I forgot my ass was freezing I was sitting on the stove
  11. Let's not forget the impact of our Russian buddies netting 100's of lbs of fish out of the spawning channel for who knows how long each spring. Maybe things will turn around in a few years after last years big WDFW bust.

  12. I hate to hear things like this. Glad someone was busted.
  13. Thanks for the tips folks, Ira. I'm still waiting to get a great day on that lake, I think persistence is key. Next time I'll be bringing some boulders. :)
  14. Anyhow I made up for it on a little creek no one has ever heard of or fished south of there off Hwy 17 ;) ... It was a gorgeous day anyway.
  15. I am headed to Lenore for my first time this year as I promised myself to give it a try. The north end these past couple years have not produced and has been quite sporadic when and if they show up. Has anyone had any success this year.

    And on another not Lone Lake was on fire today from 11-3 using chironomids in black /red wrap size 12. Fish are monsters and very healthy.
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  16. Which side of Lone lake were you fishing, straight out from the launch on the left side or to the right?
  17. It didn't really matter where I fished as long as I was in 10-13 feet of water. I spent most of my time left from launch.
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  18. I fished this lake for years with great success. However the last few years (about 5) the fishing has dramatically declined. Watched families pull up to the lake and take their limit, including one for the infant mama was holding and later that same day see the same car pull up and do it again. Then there is the report of the poachers who were caught with 243 spawning cutthroat. This was the first time they were caught. How many time had they done this before? I just know I went last year with 3 other stellar fishermen and nothing, nor did we even see a fish. I really think they should just close it for 2 years and give it a chance to come back.
  19. Any reports lately? By now the spawn if it happened is probably over.
    Each the comments; last few years have steadily got worse.
    One idea is due to the continued drop in lake levels so less food; there used to be tons of scuds in the weeds.
  20. watching this post for replies.......

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