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  1. Before we know it upland bird season will be starting. Yours truly hits the big "six-oh" this October. I'm hoping for a banner year of bird hunting, but the pessimist in me says "good luck". The Okanogan is still deep green and growing like mad with the wet spring we had. I might have to go find some new haunts to walk this fall. In any event I'm heading for the range this weekend to blow the dust off my shotguns. I'm gonna take a shot at some 5-stand and test my skills, and my patience I'm afraid...:rolleyes:

    We wingshooters should get together and have some fun soon...it'll be here in a blink of an eye...
  2. Ah, Fall . . . the magical time of the year. Practice well, Roper. I've had a go at clays a few times this Summer, but have invested more time with a high-end airgun eliminating pigeons for various landowners. It's been fun & has opened a few more potential Pheasant covers to the pup & I, plus Hank has had ample opportunity to exercise while retrieving freshly-shot birds. So many passions, so little time . . . but it's all good.
  3. Jim, you know in France they eat pigeons, call 'em squab to make it sound fancy...:D
  4. I'm looking forward to this season also, Roper. I did some clays a few weeks ago and I'm trying to get myself AND my setter in shape. I'm right behind you pushing 59, so those chukar hills are killer. I'm also trying to figure out a "nice shot" load for my 16ga guns.

  5. I've heard that, Roper but then again the French eat other things that I'll likely never try, too (think "snails" or that fancy "escargot" handle, lol.). In my eyes, pigeons will ever remain "flying rats," but they do make an acceptable dog training tool and there is no shortage of them & folks who are eager to eliminate them from barns, silos, etc.
  6. I put the rifle down this week and put a few boxes out on trap and skeet. I couldn't hit my @#ss shooting trap with either my sxs or o/u but I tore UP the skeet range. Let's hope for more passing shots and fewer rises in the field.

    Oh, how I love the fall, crisp mornings, cool days, colors changing, my dog working birds. Arrive home to a hot meal, quick shower and fall asleep to some college football game. Oh yeah, I love it.

    I forgot to add, Happy 60th, now you have a legitimate reason for not remembering what you went into the kitchen to get.
  7. Love reading your posts, Roper!
    Congrats on the Six O coming up. Life gets a wee bit more relaxed. Whacked 63 in May, myself. Eat well, excercise (within your limitations) keep your weight down (dropped 15lbs myself and working on more) and you'll do alot of good staving off the arthritis. changes in vision and other crap that just sneaks up on you. No matter how good you feel, it still sucks getting older.:eek:
  8. I've been shooting handguns and rifles for the last six or so months. I have to remember to open both eyes again. I'm gonna start with the 28, then the 16, lastly a few of the 12's. No sense in rushing into anything, is there? I wish there was a sporting clays range near by, trap doesn't really equate to field shooting. 5 stand is better, but not best. Oh well, do with whatcha got, right?
  9. 28 . . . a light, refreshing, and lovely number . . .
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  10. After that comment, I dug into the safe, pulled out the 28 and shot at a few rounds of skeet this morning. I let my shooting buddy have it for a couple of stations, first time shooting one for him. He broke 6/6 on stations 6&7, I might be able to talk him in to trash canning that Bennelli junk he's shooting. (come on Bennelli users, let's hear your side). The 28 really is a great gauge, isn't it?
  11. Well, I DO have a couple Benellis . . . an SBE 3.5" 12 for geese & a Legacy Silver that I occasionally use for Uplands in non-tox areas. Oh, and the Legacy? . . . it's a 28-gauge. I must admit that it is VERY quick . . .
  12. Wild fowl "pate" quick? :D
  13. I enjoy Benelli's, especially in the duck blind where that famous "click" is so loud and enjoyable. I wish all of my hunting partners had them, that way I could shoot without interference. :p
  14. Jeez, I can just see getting all you clowns in a duck blind...we'd be laughing so hard no one could hit a duck for love nor money...:D
  15. No "pate" with me shooting, Mark, lol . . .

    And Roper, you're likely correct, although I'm immensely entertaining just shooting solo . . .

    Benelli semi-autos ARE reliable, Karl without a doubt.
  16. Benelli owners (Tom et.al.) They are reliable when they're functioning...:). I love that "click", truthfully, fun stuff when the ducks are hovering over the decoys. The swearing that follows is truly creative also, though its hard to hear with the Beretta's booming.

    As for duck blind fun, we put the shortest guy in the middle and us our elbows to keep him down when we rise to shoot. And if you leave your gun unattended be sure to check to see if its loaded when you return, especially Bennelli users, a "click" is a "click".
  17. Man, bennellis sure had some teething problems when they first came out, but it seems they've become the "go-to" scattergun for water fowl. I keep my hand in with the little 28 working over the flickers attacking my house, but can always use some clays action.

    Cliff, you might take a look at RST shotshells; My neighbor and I both use them, and they really pattern well. In addition, they're a true low-pressure load, so it's easier on the works. I swear by `em, not withstanding the fact that I can get `em to fit my litele 2 1/2-inch chambers on the 28.

    I've got a portable sit-down flinger, maybe we should think about picking a day, getting together for a couple of cases of clays somewhere? We've got a decent spot up in the forest on top of Mountain Home Road just South of Leavenworth!
  18. Aaaaaah Fall. Couldn't come any sooner! Grouse open'r is really hard to think about this year especially since I'm 'jump'n in the deep end' and going high buck hunting (my second deer season). The 7-8 mile hump into the back country is going to be real interesting. I'm seriously debating the additional weight of my savage 24 - 22/410 since last year I flushed over 40 grouse in one hillside during modern firearm, and I never saw anything with horns. Though I did shoot a hare with the 308 and had the best bunny backstrap ever!

    Speaking of Bennelli, I noticed in a Cabelas they have an o/u waterfowl gun. Is this new? Ironically the manufacturer that has touted the best cycling auto loaders of the industry for years is saying "can't beat the reliability of few parts." hmmmm maybe next year it will be the return of the single shot for them too?

    Roper one of these days we'll cross paths maybe either on the wetside or dry.
  19. Back out yesterday on the skeet field with the 20 ga. sxs and the 28 ga. o/u. Can not hit my *ss with that sxs which is my favorite gun, crushed the birds with the o/u. Time for some poa/poi, gun fit, and lots more practice I guess. I also hate that my eyes do not pick up the targets as quickly as they used to. The background at the range is troubling due to dark woods with varying shades but then grouse are in dark woods and they aren't as brightly colored as an red/orange target are they? I'm just trying to find excuses for my lousy shooting with that little gun.

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