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Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by pwoens, Sep 12, 2004.

  1. After landing a hatchery steelhead yesterday, I bonked it on the head, and took a few pics. I left it in the water and finished out the hole ldr'ing another medal head. When I was ready to leave, I cut the head off and gutted the fish, putting it in the cooler on ice. Well, we moved to another area on the river and fished a stretch. When we returned to the car, we dressed down and were about ready to leave when a white jeep cherokee pulled up with government plates. Nice old gentleman got out and asked how we did. I told him the old man didnt catch anything as usual but I landed one and lost two. He was very surprised cause "the bait guys were getting skunked and there was no way fly flingers were catching fish if the bait guys couldnt" (I just smiled inside :D ). Anyways, he wanted to measure the fish...no problem...until he sees the head is missing. He tells me a warden could fine me heavily for this type of action but since we were done fishing its ok to remove the head.

    SO....if you keep a fish, dont remove the head until you are completely done fishing. I am sure everyone else except for me knew this cause everyone else probably has the reg book memorized, but fortunately for me I learned this lesson the easy way. So make sure you keep the head until you are done.

    Here are a few pics from yesterdays outing....the flow was at 45 cfs...just a trickle. The second pic is of a little minnow that I somehow speared with my stinger hook??????

    EDIT: I swear my fish was way bigger in person...the picture makes it look small ;) I need to learn Mac's techniques for making fish look bigger in photos. The brat fought awesome and will taste real good after being smoked this afternoon, so I dont care if you think my fish are small :p

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  2. nice fish pwoens, especially the lunker on the stinger hook.
  3. Pwoens, If I ever catch a fish of note I'll remember that. :beer2:
  4. Nice Pictures

    Hey you can tell that fish was pretty big. Check out the size of that Tail it's huge! congrats
  5. I assume the reason you removed the head was to bleed the fish before taking it home? If that was your rationale, you can stay within regs by just removing the gills. Food for thought? :ray1:
  6. Nice work pat, so when do I come over and show you how to really do it? :ray1:
  7. Actually I had already bled the fish by detaching the lower section of gills for a good 30 minutes or so before I chopped the head off and gutted it. I guess my thought process was that I would rather cut the head and gut it on the river so I could toss the entrails back in the river instead of my garbage can.....maybe thats not such a good idea :confused:

    But yes I do bleed them by detaching the gills.

    And the fish is about ready to be smoked, after marinating in coca cola and salt all night...the chunks are airing out right now with a glaze of brown sugar and honey while the hickory chips are soaking and the coals are ashing.....mmmm mmmm good!!!! :beer2:

    crump, my little brother, any time, any place, ;)
  8. Patrick, is that heat I see on your hip? Just curious cause that's what it looks like and I've never seen anyone do it; although I know plenty o-folks do.

    Have fun
  9. That is most definitely heat on the young man's hip. Looks like a Glock with the butt end skyward to me.

    Ever notice how polite people are to someone carrying on their hip. I bet the good old days were never like tv portrays it. I think the wild west was probably a very polite place.

    Now about that poor tired old fish.....Just kidding. I always say nice things about a fish with a Glock nearby.
  10. I "pack heat" when fishing also.......lots-o-wierdo's around. and some times some not so nice fishermen. just keeps the peace.
  11. So that's what the 'Tuc looks like without snow...

    Nice fish Mr. Oens...

    I have never fished that river when there isn't snow on the ground...now it looks like it may be worth the trip!! No doubt the gear/bait chuckers will be out in force now that they have been shown up by a fly flinger.

    --The minnow...was that a pikeminnow? I'd hate to see those guys gaining numbers in that river...


    Edited due to retard typing skills... ;)
  12. hey Paul....yep its heat. Springfield Armory Extreme Duty compact 40 (SA XD 40). I dont even notice it, but I am sure others do. I carry it for bears....that way I can cap my partner in the leg and survive ;) I did have a ranger over in Idaho compliment me on the piece....said it was the first time he saw a fly fisherman carrying a gun :confused:
  13. That's some funny sheeeeeat powens. i'll be sure and keep my distance if were ever on a river together in bear country.
  14. how do you think he got that steelhead?

    The reason he had to cut the head off was due to the bullet hole in the fish. I have seen Pat and his old man fish, they are about as lucky as my dad and I.

    Just kidding Pat, nice fish

  15. Patrick,

    Why do I get the feeling that you're not telling the whole truth about that Minnow? Give it up, you were Bait fishing again weren't you? :p

    And I'm not sure that I want to fish with you knowing that I might end up as bear fodder. I'll be sure to post on this board before we head out. That way everyone will know if I don't make it back :(
  16. I meant to ask back on the thread about packing heat while fishing: how would you carry it? If you carried it outside your waders on your hip wouldn't you be worried about getting it wet? Inside your waders on your hip, wouldn't you look silly trying to get it out in a hurry. Would a shoulder harness get in the way of your vest and casting?

    I have a 28 ga. Handigun. 18 inch barrel. I was thinking about carrying it on my hip inside my waders, but it would give me a strange limp.
  17. Weapon

    I believe that any weapon carried inside waders or other clothing is considered "conceled" which requires a permit?
    I'm not sure because I don't carry....yet!
    But I am under the impresson that a weapon in plain sight is not required to be accompanied by a permit.


  18. You are correct. I just got done having this conversation with a warden and he said if it isnt concealed that I didnt need the CPL (concealed pistol license). However, I do have my CPL and if I get pulled over the weapon has to be secured and concealed on my person. So if you are heading to go fishing and have a CPL you must conceal it on your person while driving, or have it in plain sight, unloaded, with the ammo locked in a seperate compartment.....thats what he told me. Either way its legal to carry a weapon in plain view wether you have a CPL or not. :ray1:

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