Let's Get Together and Tie

Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by Ed Call, Sep 5, 2011.

  1. Seems it has been a while since a group gathered in the Kitsap area to down a few beers and tie up some flies. I know that the runs are starting to happen and the evenings are getting shorter.

    Anyone willing to gather for an evening of fly fishing socializing in the next couple to three weeks?

    Let me know your thoughts.
  2. I could be in. IF I'm not fishing in Montana or working on the chosen date :)
  3. Cold beer in Burien Mumbles.....
  4. Rob, you rubbing that in?
    Steve, where is Berlin? Seems far to go for a stein of lager.
  5. Mumbles there is a lot of football left before you have to come good on that bet, but its nice to know I've got ya scared. Remember anything will work as long as it is black and blue and resembles a Hoh Bo Spey or a Hobbit tube. Seriously though wish it wasn't such a drive you could count me in.
  6. You host it, maybe I'll make that drive to the Okanogan! I fear only one thing.
  7. I'm in if you want to wait until I get back from catching monster trout in Idaho.... Be back during or after the last week in September. Otherwise, go for it!
  8. I'm thinking Mid October or so.
  9. If it's on this side of the water, then probably for me.. of course I just found four missing boxes of flies and some other stashed, so may not really need too.. but of course there are always poppers and steelface flies to tie!
  10. I could be enticed into coming. Of course it would require the proper incentive. The right food and refreshments.
  11. Should be easy to make that done and done. How many kitchen passes does THE Jeff get these days?
  12. Jason has some shiny beads he might give ya.. would that sweeten the pot?!?
  13. I suddenly have a urge to take off my shirt.
  14. Mumbles....BURIEN-next to Sea-Tac airport.
  15. If I am in town and it was on a weekend I would probably head over and flounder around a couple beaches trying to catch some fish in the morning then head to the event.
  16. I was kidding...but Burien? Burien? I know a guy in Burien, radio announcer voice, cool as shit, tries to act grumpy sometimes. Who wants to relax next to the airport!
  17. Where's a good place for a beer in Burien? As of now I only head that way for an Aussie pie or to see the German butcher.
  18. Elliot Bay Brewery has a pub there, pretty good fish Taco's.
  19. why not closer to seattle? and trout flys always nice to learn some new trout flys.
  20. Let's say that I live somewhere between Point No Point and the Hood Canal Bridge. Seattle is not out of the realm of possibility, but I don't know the area as well as I do my own neck of the woods.

    Sounds like there are many other hosts out there...so, where are you hosting the next get together?

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