Lets see you Puget Sound beach flies....

Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by Thomas Williams, Aug 28, 2013.

  1. Nice Blake! You coming over to look for some west-side Hos? Shoot me a message if you want to fish!
  2. #4 ump stainless/ "patriot" /single feather flat wing
    Same/ Rhody

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  3. Got 5 on the catch card already! Looking like ill be over there again before the end of the month.
  4. Humpy Charlie... I tie this in other colors and variations, but pink works.

  5. Been catching my August coho's on Leland's Popper. Then the Coho Popsicle Stick. The original Popsicle Sticks I use a lot for sea run cutthroat. Coho Popsicle Stick.jpg Popsicle Sticks.jpg poppers.jpg
  6. I really like that top fly Larry. Thanks for sharing.
  7. That's the Coho Popsicle Stick Nick. A little warn.....;)
  8. dead soldiers IMG_7892.JPG
  9. Nice. Any of those get any action at that beach last night?
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  10. not a tap
  11. Here's my beach box, I try and cover everything in one box....RIGHT!!! It is updated frequently but not recently, Huh ??
    You can tell I like alot a Cutthroat Squimps, clousers (tube and regular) and some flat wings. I think I need to tie some more and get a bigger box....

  12. Mark, what are the blank hooks for?
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  13. puget sound black threadworm hatch
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  14. I'm guessing for tubes...or changing out nicked up stingers
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  15. Hey Tony, Pat guessed it, I use them with a slip indie but only on a incoming tide and only on a full moon:)
    Nick is correct, I switch out the size of hooks for either cutt's, coho or great whites..... But you knew that !!!
  16. This thread will be one for the archives "Legends".
  17. The first photo shows my "go to" subsurface patterns which are tied on HMH small tube material except for two flies.

    The second photo shows my "go to" top water patterns which are are all tied on HMH micro tube material.


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  18. Diggin the Coho Popsicle Stick Larry! Nice adaptation. I use your original for SRC quite often. Do you have a recipe for the coho version?
  19. A new tie to try out this weekend. Not my pattern but I used what I had. White over purple over chartreuse and topped with peacock krystal flash. Other flash in there too. I think it looks like it will fish!

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  20. Nice shape on that one. It reminds me to ask If anyone has had poblems with the cut off part of the hook shearing through the stinger wire. My clippers tend to leave a sharp point that I will have to file down in the future. Haven't lost a fish because of it, but I have lose a couple perfectly good clousers because of it. Cut right through 15 lb mono this morning.

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