Lets see you Puget Sound beach flies....

Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by Thomas Williams, Aug 28, 2013.

  1. Yeah I noticed that the other day. I figure you could file it down, but I put a drop of uv cure on a couple and that seems to work so far. I kind of bridged the gap between the cut end and stinger loop.
  2. Seems to work so far. Only fish to the beach surrounded by herring guys.

  3. Well, I keep coming back to these. I like the chartreuse and pink combo because it seems to be coho's two favorite colors. I don't think they key in on one more than the other usually, but it can't hurt to have both. I use UV cure to make the back arc up and give it more profile.

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  4. Nice looking fly. I've seen that baby produce for Matt many times.

    I don't know if its just the picture but it seems like you have much more of the hook shank exposed than most of mine. I could see how it could cut the stinger or something. What do you use to cut the hook with?

    I've buses fish scale a bunch, but I just can't get away from bucktail. I was fishing a bucktail/fish scale combo earlier in the season in the same color pattern with good success early in the season.

    I really like wrapping a diamond braid body like that too. Brian suggested it to me and it really helps the fly pop, but also adds durability I think. I like to tie in the braid and then put down a coat of SHHAN on before wrapping the body. This really seems to help keep it together. The fly I was fishing today must have at least 8 fish under its belt and its still going strong.
  5. Hey guys, sorry to dredge up an old thread but I am having trouble deciding how big to tie these great patterns. How big are you guys tying them and what size trailer hook? (referring to the clousers with a trailer hook)? I just tied a bunch about 3" long, is that big enough for Coho?

  6. This tread took me back over 50 years.

    Working part time at Lawyer's Title Insurance in Seattle. Grunt job, but I rather enjoyed the thing. "Posting" up deeds/mortgages in what were called 'track books' and a tap on the shoulder. 'If you have a few moments Mr. (Warton) Funk (President) would like a few words.' Fellow was a retired one Star General, and no was not a word.

    'I understand you fly fish?'

    'Yes sir have been doing that since I was' ... what ever.

    'I need to go to Alaska and don't have a thing, what would you suggest?'

    Boys and Girls there really was an original 'Eddie Bower' and his shop was a half block up the street. Remember (I kid you not) the first two American's that climbed Mt. Everest? They worked there. Fellows got him out fitted for about two hundred bucks.

    Couple of weeks later and another tap on the shoulder, 'If you have a moment for Mr. Funk?'

    'I have a very good friend coming in from England, would you mind taking us fishing?' Transportation wise all I had was a Lamberetta Motor Scooter; but i think they knew that. Three of us ended up getting off the first flight into Anchorage, Alaska. Then a float plane into (think this is right) 'Lake Creek.'

    Thank God we had an office up there and a few phone calls later. The other fellow was a retired Three Star Brit. Sitting next to a large fire, doused in 'Deet' to keep the frinkin bugs off us and fellow looks over at me and 'You don't know bugs until you've been in North Africa. Understand you know how to handle a rifle, I'd like to hunt.'

    Long dead silence, 'Sir, I've done my share of killing and no more.'

    'Warton, this is the young man you told me about? I think you got it right.' Rest of my 'ride' through Grad School's was paid.
  7. GLS,
    Are you coming out this way to fish or is this for Great Lakes coho?

  8. I will be fishing on Vancouver Island - never done it before hence the questions. Great lakes Coho at least where I am are few and far between.
  9. You should have a great time. I've never flyfished up there but we used to catch some nice northern coho on gear when I was a kid.
    Are you fishing the west side?

  10. Yes, west side. I can't wait!
  11. 3" is probably about the average size for my coho flies. I'd say as small as 2 and maybe as long as 4 with the flashy tail material. This is for clouser type flies. Other patterns could be smaller but I fish a clouser/baitfish pattern about 90% of the time for coho.
  12. Because it's that time, this thread needs to be resurfaced! ;)
  13. IMAG0557.jpg
    I got you beach flies right here lol
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  14. The OP asked to see what flies we use. I tie flies to catch fish. Clousers catch fish. A lot of fish.
    Some folks tie for the artistry, the creativeness, etc. Thats great. Whatever floats your boat. I tie flies so i can catch fish. Catching fish never gets boring to me. Spending hours casting beautifully tied, fancy flies while my buddies are catching fish around me gets quite boring indeed. Seen it many, many times
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