Let's see your fleet

Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by johnnyrockfish, Mar 12, 2009.

  1. Randall Dee Castaway

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    Milt, wow, I like all three! Did you build the center one? Jim....sweet DB.Beautiful!

    Here's mine...
    16' JPW cat
    8' Bucks bag
    2 person hypalon IK


  2. doublespey Steelhead-a-holic

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    Jeez, Freestone - I want your . . . . GARAGE! :thumb:

    Actually, I'm probably better off w/o it. I'd end up having to buy more boats.

    17' Alumaweld SuperV w/90/65 Yami 4stroke
    11' Aire Puma w/frame
    Watermaster Grizzly

  3. Jim Speaker Active Member

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  4. Bill Dodd Bill's in a time out.

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    My wife's Boats
    She lets me Row.

    2006 Clackacraft 16' LP
    2007 NRS OTTER 13'

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  5. RoyS Member

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    Gets me to the fish on river, lakes and sound.

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  6. johnnyrockfish Member

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    Both Beautiful. That otter looks awesome. I want a raft like that to float/fish and also take my young family down some scenic floats on mellow rivers. Just getting into the river thing and amazed about the beauty you get to see, not to mention fishing opps.

  7. longstick Member

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    08 21' North River Scout
    05 20' Willie Drift Boat
    11' Aire Puma
    I just sold my drift boat but looking for to add a 17' Willie Legend this fall with a pump to power it.
  8. CoastalCutt Member

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    17' Jetcraft w/60 hp prop.

    10' jon w/3.5 hp prop

    Fish Cat 4

    -Soon I'll be purchasing a 20' Montauk and possibly a AirePuma

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  9. Jim Fitz Member

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    Two toons (Outcast PAC 800 and a cheap one), two yaks (Wilderness Systems Tarpon 160i and a Necky Eliza (wife's yak)), two sailboards. It is hard to fish from a sailboard.

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  10. Kyle McCurdy Member

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    All I got so far. Hoping to build an empire.



    had my buddy who owns a sign shop do some vinyl for me haha.

  11. Rick Todd Active Member

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    A Ray's River Dory 17' Guide model (I built in 1997)
    11" Dave Scadden two man pontoon
    9' Outcast 9000
    8' Fishing Cat pontoon
    Fat Cat
    17' Vintage (1967) Jacobsen Runabout with original 70 HP Johnson
    19' Chris Craft Cuddy

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  12. KerryS Ignored Member

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    17 foot Smokercraft modified v sled
    12 foot welded Klamath w/9.9 Susuki or 40 lbs Minn Kota depending on water being fished
    Bucks Bags Bronco
    Browning float tube

    I need a good salt water boat. Thinking of something with small cabin for overnighters.

    A man can't own to many boats.
  13. Jim Speaker Active Member

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    That's a beautiful Ray's you built there... nice work! :thumb:
  14. Woodcanoeguy Member

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    Oh boy!.......I have been collecting boats for 40 years. Had to build a 40 ft boat shed. The wood boats are my favorites.

    15' Smokercraft Alaskan w 25 hp Yamaha for big lakes
    13' Wood Penn Yan Skiff
    12' Wood/canvas Old Town Sportboat
    10' Hi Laker Fiberglass Boat...easy to stand in and flycast.
    8' Old Town Wood Dinghy

    All are wood/canvas
    -- Old Towns: 18' guide, 17' Molitar, 17' Octa, 16' Guide
    --Chestnuts: 2-16 ' Prospectors, 17' Cronje, 15' Pal
    --Petersbourgh: 14' Solo

    Three Old Town Otters, one Wilderness System

    And a couple older float tubes.
  15. nomlasder Active Member

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    Milt and Freestone got the stuff for sure.

    The one on the left is gone, and DB 4 has been redone for a rear swivel seat arrangment. Sometimes it gets crowded, but it's all good.

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  16. Rick Todd Active Member

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    Ross-I checked out your web site and you are making some very cool boats! I'm thinking of doing some modifications to mine-I would like the floor to be level for the front and rear casters. Maybe place the rowers seat on a box for storage and walk-around ability. The swivel seats look like a good idea as well. Rick

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  17. SummitFlyGuy New Member

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    You guys make me feel right at home...

    19' 1995 Grady White Tournament w/150hp Yamaha. (Needs help finding South Sound rezzies...)
    15' 1960 Pacific Mariner Scymitar (needs a 20 - 40 hp motor)
    14' Alpha Sailing Dinghy
    2 10' Advance Element Kayaks
    10' Creek Company 1018 Pontoon - thanks Jessie
    9' Bad Cat Pontoon - thanks Jesse
    8' Sound Kill Smoker Craft row boat that washed ashore.

    Maybe we should we start a support group? :rofl:
  18. vhram New Member

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    Im still waiting for a 23"boston whaler outrage but for now its a
    13' boston whaler
    16' sailfin canoe
    12' portabote
  19. johnnyrockfish Member

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    Holy Crap you're not kidding! I once loved a small boat so much that I bought it back from the person I had sold it too after 3 years and then drove it from Key Largo to Bellingham. Then sold it and still go back and visit occasionally.

    My first boat was a sea snark (stryofoam sailboat) salvaged from the dump, split almost in half. Glassed it together, screwed a transom on it and bolted the 2hp Evinrude egg beater on it to fish the canals of Miami. A motorized surfboard. Guess I've owned about 15 boats over the past 35 years not including other people's boats I've driven extensively (sometimes onto rocks but that's another story).

    It's all fun (almost).

    No Bananas
  20. Jim Speaker Active Member

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    I must need a support group...

    Decided my 12' aluminum needs to get up on a plane, just needed a little more power (was running 5hp 2-stroke merc, great but...) so I went out and bought a new 8hp 4-stroke merc today. I got pushed over the edge and decided I would never feel good about some craigslist motor or whatnot. Man, I had starting issues with a 9.9 i tried out on craigslist - fortunately I'd written in a 7-day clause on the bill of sale he was cool about, and returned it that night. It hurt my damned back trying so many times...)

    At least now I'll be up on a plane no sweat and it's not too heavy. Eliminated that lurking fear of "how good is this motor?" in the back of my mind while I'm 5 miles down a beach. But seriously, I need help I think :eek:

    Edit: oh, yeah, I'm not unemployed any more... start work next week. Y'all will have to find someone else to post vicarious mid-week reports bawling: