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  1. How did you guys do this year?? We killed over 100 ducks, 1 goose and 1 banded duck , did you guys get a banded duck? Anybody got some good storys? love to hear them. Go to any new spots? How did it go??
  2. This season I shot 113 ducks and 9 geese. I hope to improve those numbers this coming season. I just got a bps 10 ga. so hopefully I can turn those cripples into dead ducks. I absaloutly hate crippling birds. Found 2 new good spots and about 4 others to scout durring the off season. overall a better season than last.

  3. On the other hand, from a Northeast perspective, it was the worst year in decades.

    Ducks you say. Small water all gone, smallish water all frozen by about the second week of the season. It seems like the mallards just cruised on by on the way to Burbank. A guided trip to the basin yielded 2 teal. For 4 of us.

    Geese? The birds were plentiful a couple weeks before the opener. By second week of the season, they were gone. Then wet, then snow too deep to get the dekes in the field. Then water froze. I finallly saw a decent flock of geese at Hanford High just before christmas. But, alas, no shooting on school grounds.

    So for me, and my hunting methods in my particular area, it was a f#@!$g disaster. No birds in the freezer. Maybe next year, eh?
  4. Hey Top, just a suggestion, take it for what it's worth. "Killed" is a course way to describe hunting numbers. There's lots of folks that get turned off by that wording. When I share my grouse reports, I use terms like "harvested", "took", "bagged", etc. It's just a little less in your face way of sharing information. I know, the truth is we kill birds, but there's no reason not to afford them some respect.

    Regards, Roper
  5. I'm not one to usually measure my water fowling by numbers bagged, but rather by experiences and enjoyment overall. All in all, it was a very unusually year in terms of bird migration, concentration, and location. The year started with a lot of action, some fun hunts with layout blinds and fixed structures. I also had a great time with my dog and watching her meet challenges I didn't know were in her. As the year progressed the birds were few and far between which is the opposite of our normal pattern. The highlight was my hunting partner getting through his cancer surgery and having no traces of the disease evident at this time. Of course, we are also razzing him about the high point of the season was one of the guys getting a Eurasian widgeon drake and to hell with his whining about cancer. I mean, a Eurasian is a Eurasian for gosh sakes, so we just say "cowboy up little ballerina".
  6. I understand Roper, as long as you have a good time shoot some nice looking birds 9thats the best part) and get some nice wall mounts.

    and upton tell your buddy congrats man.
  7. In spite of a difficult year (at least in the North Puget Sound area) we had some very good hunts mixed in with some tough times. Both the ducks and snow geese behaved oddly. That said chased some new species and had a pretty diverse bag. Over the season counting the two swan species had 28 different waterfowl species "in the decoys" and harvested 16 different species.

    Had some typical puddle duck and snow goose hunts with a highlight being taking 4 snows with 4 shots (two opportuities with my over/under) over the decoys at 25 yards.

    Learned more about sea-duck/diver hunting with a highlight being a couple "blue bill" hunts with amazing decoying birds.

    Hunted brant for the first time on a very much self guided hunted. Painted up some old goose decoys, did some research, decoyed some birds, had some success. They were even more fun than I thought and they definitely excellent on the table. Will be chasing them more in the future.

    Even after decades of chasing waterfowl I learned a surprising amount about some new species and what it takes to successfully hunt them.
  8. Hey Top
    I'm not trying to hi-jack your post.
    Yer talking about killing, that is just fine with me.
    I have been reading some old fishing books and the fishers use the term "kill" to discribe the number of fish they catch.
    Back in the ole days nobody C&Red fish, you killed what you caught.
    Roper, when you say "harvest" I think of domestic animals.
    "bagged" "took", lets just face it when you hunt, you kill.
    Trying to be politically correct on the "cast and blast" forum ????? just seems out of place.:thumb:
  9. I take most my migratory birds when opportunity knocks for a good jump while on pheasant hunts. Having said that, I had a pretty good season. We wrapped up a good amount of quackers and a few honkers as well. Also my springer spaniel Otto had a great first hunting season, retrieving both his first ducks and one goose, and the canada came on the last day of the season! what a way to end it ha ha.

    looking forward to the fall once more!

  10. Wow very cool! Now when you are hunting brants you can just sit in a duck boat out in the open right? And where did you go??

  11. i had the shittiest season ever. and my go-to hunting buddy ended up in juvie in november.

    so looks like i will be steelheading and not duck hunting next year.
  12. 12 banded geese, a banded mallard and a banded wood duck.
  13. Very Nice!!!
  14. wow! where did you get the banded woddie? and What was the oldest bird record? ANd were they all canadians?
  15. the wood duck was banded on the northern Idaho Border and shot in central WA.
    The geese were a mix, including Westerns, cacklers and one specklebelly.
    I think the oldest bird was banded in 05 but I am not sure there.
  16. wow a specklebelly really?? never really seee much of them out here and to get a banded one real treat!
    were you shooting all these geese?
  17. yes. I found the spec scouting one day and saw it was banded. Total shock. (it turns out it was a rocket net capture in the southern willamette valley.) Shot a cackler band out of that field the next day but never got the opportunity at the spec. Chased that bird for 3 weeks before I finally found it about 15 miles away and we were able to close the deal.
  18. So where you jump shooting these banded birds or having them come to you??
  19. all of them were decoyed.
  20. A limit and a half was the best I could do this year. The most memorable hunt was just outside Lynden WA...I've never seen so many fricking ducks! Memory I'd like to forget - being in my pontoon boat and fighting 40 mph gust back to the launch with a 75# bag of deeks behind me...closest I've come to cardiac arrest!

    However, overall I enjoyed my fall season...grouse were much fun, the quail proved to be too fast, and the pheasant to cunning!

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