LEVIATHAN Cutthroat...News from Lenore??

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by freestoneangler, Mar 23, 2006.

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    :eek: Heading over the pass in the morning and would like to hear from anyone whose fished Lake Lenore the past week.:confused:
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    Talked to a guy who fished it Monday. It was blowing hard at the N. end so he went to the S. end. Visibility was a couple feet and they didn't touch a fish. Went to Rocky Ford and had a heyday.
  3. jabseattle jabs

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    Few buddies hit it last weekend and it was slowwwwwwwww. With the temps much cooler than last year I think it's two weeks behind at least..that would mean anyday now..good luck..I'm off to Montana in the AM
  4. Cactus Dana Miller

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    Was there Saturday and NOBODY was catching anything. Did peek in the irrigation intake channel and saw some HUGE fish in there. It would have been a blast if they were out in the lake and biting!
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    I also heard that Lenice was picking up a bit. The fish are moving into the shallows to feed. I am giving you second hand information so take it for what it's worth. Although based upon Jabs and Cactus it sounds like I received pretty good second hand information. Best of luck.
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    I was there Monday and Tuesday-no wind on the North end, murkey and cold water but gorgeous days. Fishing was really slow on Monday but picked up just before dark. I was about the last guy to leave the lake. Tuesday was another beauty but fishing was slow again except for three guys that had a honey hole surrounded. I got sick of staring at a bobber and drove over to Coffeepot where the first fish I landed would have pulled the average Lahontan inside out. Fishing was much faster with many fish coming to hand on a bead eyed dragon nymph fished just under the surface. Again I was the last guy off of the lake and really hammered them just before dark. Wed. was good again and I fished until numb-water temp around 40-then decided to head home when the wind picked up and the rain kicked in.

    The consensus on Lenore from the regulars was that it is at least 2-3 weeks late this year with water temps about 10 degrees behind this time last year. The good news is that it should fish well much later into the season than normally. On a related note, Coffepot was so low last year that boats couldn't get to the upper end and the result was a lot of guys fishing near the put in. This year the lake is at full pool and in great shape. Ive
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    I've been fishing Lenore every week since it opened and it is really hit or miss. I brought about 40 fish to hand last Thursday after a pretty slow Tuesday and thought, "alright, game on!" Today it was very slow again. I probably managed about 15 fish (about 10 of them in the first 2 hours), but I doubt anybody else got close to 10 and there were a few guys flying the skunk flag. After about 10, it was pretty dead with just an occasional fish. The lake was very calm and you could see the fish cruising around, but I was only averaging a fish every 30 minutes or so, which is really slow for Lenore, and from what I saw, nobody else was coming close to that. My understanding is that there has been a pretty decent evening bite, but I usually don't stay that late.

    I'm not sure what to think. The water temps have definitely warmed up to at least where they were on the opener last year, and I was averaging 50 fish a day or so last year the first week. This year has just been very inconsistent. One day will be decent, then it will get really slow for a couple of days. Some days will see a great early bite, and then the lake will completely shut down.

    I emptied the fly box today, and never found anything that would get them excited. 'Mids (all sorts of colors, sizes, patterns), scuds, damsels, blood worms, etc.

    The good news is that Rocky Ford is fishing really well, but the bad news about this is that all the pressure is being diverted to The Ford and it is getting hit HARD. I spent the afternoon there until the weeds forced me out and there were guys in just about every opening up at the north end.