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  1. Ed Call

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    FDC, I thought bamboo was used to cane criminals in the far east. As for a fishing tool, I'm too inexperienced to know. I've never used 444 Sylk but I do have a sharkskin floating on four of my primary setups plus another one ready to rig. Many who fish near me inquire about the noise, what noise? That splashy flippy jumpy noise, oh, that is just the fish stretching my line! Sharkskin may sound funny, but believe me, it makes my casting reach much farther. I can only imagine what it could be if I ever break down and get some professional casting instruction. Good luck.
  2. Mark Walker

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    I thought I would submit these for your perusal.

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  3. Mark Walker

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    Crap! Disregard the first two. Wrong rod. These are the correct two.

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  4. hedburner

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    Looks a lot like my 6'9" 3wt. You'll be quite happy with the way it fishes. More than happy when the rod comes to life with a fish on. Definately he's one of the better bargains for bamboo.
  5. Kent Lufkin

    Kent Lufkin Remember when you could remember everything?

    No kidding! Here's some shots of a 21" holdover rainbow I caught on my little Orvis Seven/Three 7' 3wt last week at lowland lake. Although the little rod tacoed, it held firm along with my 5x tippet as 'bowzilla' posed for a brief stripping apron portrait.




  6. Mark Walker

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    Nice one!!
  7. Tom Bowden

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    That's a gorgeous rod! The look on Kent's face after landing that big rainbow with his 7/3 is priceless!

    Flybill, a really nice 7-1/2' 5wt. dry fly rod is the South Bend 290. I sold mine a few years ago, but really liked it. These pop up on e-bay periodically, and you can buy one in fishable condition for $200-400. Also look for higher grade production rods like Orvis, Granger, and Phillipson.

  8. flybill

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    Kent, nice series of pic's there! The look on your face says "this is why we do what we do"!

    Thanks for the info Tom! I'll start keeping an eye out for those rods, particularily the South Bend 290. I cast one of Kent's Orvis rods and it was sweet, but in a higher price range.
  9. rainbow

    rainbow My name is Mark Oberg

    Ya the 73 is an awsum boo. To the one who was looking for a first good boo rod. I would suggest a 7-7'6 orvis as a good first rod. I took my Lenard 3wt out last year and caught some hold overs with it. Scared the crap out of me but it was awsum. The sad part was that It was a Lenard company employee rod, and I didn't know till later. Haven't fished it since.
  10. rockcreek

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    Parks makes a fishable rod. But his finishes are not the best. If your looking to get into the bamboo rod world Parks is a reasonable choice that will not break your wallet. He does stand behide his work. I had an 8'6" 5wt. that cast well but was not the straightest. Again, the dollars are right for an entry level cane rod. Hope this helps.
    Best, Mark K.
    Bozeman, Mt.