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  1. I stopped by Cabela’s today to pick up my 2013 fishing license and since I’m not sure what I need, I go by to the Fly Fishing area to get some advice. I told the guy I would be fishing Puget Sound beaches for Sea Run Cuts and fresh water streams/lakes in both Eastern and Western Washington. He told me I only need the Freshwater license. I asked about the adder for the Columbia River and its tributaries and he told me I didn’t need that.

    Is it true I don’t need a saltwater license? I want to be sure

    Also – since every river on the east side eventually runs into the Columbia don’t I need the adder for the Columbia and its tributaries??

    Thanks to everyone for the education :)
  2. In addition to reminding me about getting a new license, I'll be watching the replies close. Figuring out WA's fishing license system is getting absolutely insane...frippin tax codes are easier to understand :eek:
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  3. You only need the Columbia River endorsement if you're fishing salmon or steelhead in the Columbia or it's tributaries. I think you would need the saltwater endorsement to fish sea runs.
  4. Boy did you get some bum advice! You need to buy the whole nine yards: salt, fresh, and Columbia stamp, don't forget the salmon/steelhead card. The Washington regs are the worst I've ever seen, you need to hire a lawyer before you go fishing.
  5. Yes you need a salt water lic. To fish searuns in the salt. You should just get the combo with the Columbia enhancement. You never know where you will end up within the year
  6. And the Olympic park card too
  7. Also, remember that it is a pink salmon year. You might want to fish for some of those while you are out in the sound.

  8. Olympic park card?
    Uh oh. Whats that?
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  9. And, don't forget the Discover Pass. You only need it at certain sites, but do you really want to do the research every time you get a chance to chase fish someplace? Basically, my WA resident licenses, fishing only and no shellfish, cost me $92 if I remember right last year. By contrast, my annual nonresident license in Montana is $70, including the sportsman tag. But, hey, Montana doesn't have the great trout fishing we do........wait, forget that part.
  10. If you go out to the O.P to fish for salmon and steelhead some of the rivers are in the park. It is a free catch record card
  11. Oh ok. What about Rainier Nat'l. Park? What does a person have to do to fish
    there, any idea? I'd like to try to fish the Ohanapecosh area this year.
  12. Don't know about Ranier but the national parks are inconsistent. Glacier says go fishing, Yellowstone has a license and a boat pass for toons, tubes and boats. And, In YNP, you cannot float the rivers (unless of course you fell and are now acting as "driftwood". I'd get on the website for each park you intend to fish.
  13. no license required in Rainier park.
    Ohanapecosh is fly fishing only.

  14. Gee, I feel good. My license only cost me 8 bucks. And it's good all over my state.
  15. This state gives a tremendous DISCOUNT if you are fricking blind and over 76 years of age I think.....:mad::D I think half price too!!!!!!!!!!!
  16. Or a disabled combo license/shellfish is like $10.25
  17. haha washington is ridiculous with licenses even tabs. I would just get the combo like a couple people said you dont know where the year will take you. and you might want to look into a discovery pass now to most parks require one and most lakes i dont get where all this money is going we should have a better wildlife program than alaska and montana put together ;/
  18. I suspect what you mean here is that, with the fees we pay, our F&W program should be much better than other states where people pay less. However, that's a pretty naive view.

    The cost of maintaining a healthy F&W program in states with much larger areas of intact habitat and many, many fewer people (e.g., MT or AK), is going to be much less than to try to maintain some sort of F&W program in a state, such as WA, where the impact of development and hordes of people have left fragmented and decimated habitat and populations of fish and wildlife. We're lucky we're paying no more than we are, given the destructive practices we (yes, all of us are to blame...) have wrought on this state in the slightly over 100 years of statehood.

  19. Its still cheaper than playing golf or most other hobbies... I will say that I fucking hate the fact I have to buy a Discover Pass though.. at the very least we should get discounted ones since we buy fishing / hunting licenses!

    I'm going to look through the reg's, but I believe you were given the right info on sea run's, you can fish for them in the salt with just your freshwater license... I don't think the same applies to pinks, coho's, etc.. time to call the flipping lawyers!

    What's the difference between a dead lawyer and a dead snake on the highway?

    There are skid marks in front of the dead snake! :cool:
  20. Since trout are listed in the marine area rules, I would think that you would need a saltwater license. A call or email to WDFW should get your question answered.

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