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  1. Buy a saltwater license if you're fishing the salt. Buy a columbia endorsement if you're fishing a river connected to the columbia. You can use your finger to trace it on a map. Go really slow, it's wildly confusing and actually very scary to have to look at a map. So big.... so many folds. HARD 2 REED!!!1

    Anyone having serious trouble with figuring out what license to get... please PM me your social security number, bank account #, routing number, and mother's maiden name. I will be happy to straighten it all out for you.
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  2. I actually don't think the licenses are that hard to figure out:

    If you fish in Salt water, buy the salt license.
    If you fish in freshwater, buy the fresh license.
    Take a look through the regs and decide whether you think there is a chance that you will fish one of the rivers that requires the columbia river endorsement--they are clearly marked.

    I'd say that the licenses are one of the easier parts of the regs to understand. Openings and closures and special rules, etc are the more difficult part.

    That seems pretty straightforward to me. I can't imagine they would allow you to fish for SRC in the salt without a salt license. It seems that anyone fishing the salt could just say that they are fishing for SRCs and never bother to buy the salt license--if they hooked a salmon or other fish, they could say it was an "accident." That doesn't make sense.

  3. Don't try to make it any worse that it is. If that was the case the folks over on the dry side would have to but a license that they would never use. You all have way to many licenses on fish that don't exist. Steelhead for one. I think that is just somebody's pipe dream.
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  4. In regards to the Columbia River endorsement, I see no reason to get it until you know that you are going to need it. It is very easy to pop in to a shop and add just the Columbia endorsement for 8 bucks.
  5. I'm doing some salt water fishing in Florida as a non-resident. It is interesting to note the differences from Washington. The salt water regulations are about 2 pages, of course they have a lot more species here to list. If you live here and are 65, your salt/fresh water fishing license is FREE!
  6. Yeah, what Jason Rolfe said!

    Just look at page 6 of the regs. It says:

    Freshwater License: Allows you to fish in freshwater areas only (optional catch record card included; catch record card requirements on page 8).

    Saltwater License: Allows you to fish in saltwater areas only (optional catch record card included; catch record card requirements on page 8).

    It's not rocket science, folks! (Well, maybe a bunch of the other convoluted regs are but licensing's pretty straightforward!)
  7. Don't forget your federal duck stamp!
  8. I get my first one thus year!
  9. Hawaii doesn't have a saltwater fishing license... The freshwater license is $5 for resident and active duty military, and $10 for visitors. Since I'm over 65, mine is free. I also think I paid around $70 for my Montana visitors license last year.
  10. Thanks for all of the feedback people. I went back and got the Saltwater license and punch card to go along with the freshwater license. The Columbia and it's tributaries adder pertains to salmon and steelhead fishing only on the east side. I wont be doing that so......
  11. Haha man, not sure the difference with the whole lawyer thing! I do know one thing, it is a hit in the wallet here for fishing - especially for a non-resident. I like that is AK you buy one fishing license for everything, except for a nominal price for a king stamp. Crazy here that you need to buy a salt, fresh, and additional stamps - ect ect. Although my Comlumbia River Trib stamp was worth in in the fact that I got my first WA steelie! Anyway, I guess rules are rules and I would rather pay the upfront cost than get caught without the proper license for the fish I was chasing...
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  12. The Columbia and it's tributaries adder pertains to salmon and steelhead fishing only on the east side. I wont be doing that so......

    Not totally true! Many of the Columbia River tributaries that require a salmon/steelhead endorsement are in western WA:

  13. Are you being sarcastic again? I'm never sure.
  14. No. PM me SSN.. I will help. I CAN DOES FOR YOU!

  15. He's legit, licensed and bonded....goes by the name Peggy.
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