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  1. Aside from the obvious opportunity to make money, does anyone know why the state requires new vehicle license plates every 7 years? Of course, I can pony up an extra $20 to get new plates with my existing number... so the reason has be be something other than re-numbering. I wonder if one opts to pay the $20 and keep their number, do they then pay an additional $20 on every years renewal? I meant to call, but the offices are closed.

    The least they could do is offer a few background images (a trout, steelhead or salmon perhaps) for the cost.
  2. Its 100% a phony-BS way to rake in more revenue for state. A sorry waste of metal and paint, time and money. On each of the last two trucks i owned, I was forced to pay for a new plate the year before each truck died from terminal entropy. At least they could wait until a vehicle is either sold or traded in before requiring a new plate.

    I have a much better idea to generate commerce and raise money for the state of WA.
    Why not inspect all septic systems every 7 years, and then require upgrades to code. Now that would be a money maker as well as good for the environment. But its too simple and obvious an idea, and would face huge protests for homeowners with failing or sub-code septic systems. Not a politically favorable way to go for any career politicians, eh?

    Now the state is looking to throw another pie in the face of its citizens with another proposed increase in vehicle registration fees.:mad: I'd rather see state of WA dept heads, Legislators, and Representatives take pay cuts, instead.
  3. The claim is the reflective capability will wear off in that much time. I have an essentially garaged car with a spotless plate when the renewal time arrived. I called to let them know in an attempt to save everyone time and money and they wanted no part of it.

    Simply another excuse for the government to dip their hand in your wallet.
  4. My license plate has a Cutthroat trout on it. It covers almost the whole plate. It is also in color.

    But it isn't a Washington Plate.
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  5. I forget what year it was, but the legislature had put a moratorium on new specialty plates. One of the reasons being that they didn't sell as many as the sponsors claimed would. I think the moratorium will be ending soon, if it hasn't already.

    Anyone wanna take a guess at how many of these unnecessary plates end up in the local landfills? Let's see, another $5 in fuel or postage to get rid of them. Cut the number of legislators in half sounds like a great start...they are simply in the business of generating revenue.
  7. The license plate on my SUV has a salmon. When I renew the plates, I pay a little extra that is supposed to go into a fund dedicated to the recovery of wild salmon. Who knows where it actually goes but at least I have a fish on my license plate.
  8. Whoa, Jim; a vanity plate????? Whodathunkit??
  9. Wow, you liberals of the west side sure know how to stick it to people. Because of the few who don't know how to take care of the most important system their/ your home, let's penalize everyone out there. Let's bring everything up to current western thinking code under the name of "protect the environment" and cost thousands of $$ to the already taxed people of this state. Man, get a grip, manhandle a drink, get a cigar, and chill.
  10. In Arizona you get a license plate for life. And it stays with you when you get a different car. But here they have the old WA system where you pay for your license based on the value of the vehicle.
  11. I think we ought to replace ALL legislators every 7 years because they lose their responsibility . . .
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  12. It's the same here in Montana. It gets cheaper every year also. If I wanted to I could get a permanent license for my truck. My truck is over 13 years old. The only thing that stops me is the cost and am I going to live that long.
  13. I got to BUY a new plate, because some SOB STOLE mine last year in December. Cost: $23 for STOLEN plate! You would think the state would pay for it, hell no. Then, coincidentally, my tabs were due in January, for the REGULAR $43... Now, shall we talk about the new proposed $.10 per gallon gas tax coming VERY SOON???????
  14. Slight correction. Washington used to have a system where you licensed your vehicle at an appraisal value close to double what the vehicle was actually worth. That's the only reason 695 passed. The public kicked and screamed for many years about this system and it went unheard. 695 came about because our politicians didn't think we could do anything about the severe screwing they were giving us.
  15. PT yes you are right I guess I was referring to the type of fee. I remember that right before the vote the DOL said OK we were screwing you so if you vote no we will go to real value. TOO LITTLE TOO LATE.
  16. I bend the plate in half and use them for roofs on bird houses. I then hang the birdhouse up in the woods at all the places we go camping & what not. I'm sure this is no doubt illegal or I'm commiting some other crime against humanity and somebodys got a problem with it. Its the best use I've found for these old plates.
  17. Also known as... "Hey trust us, we hear you. We'll do something about it...we 'promise' ".
  18. This has me thinking. If you have old plates ill buy them. I can use them for siding on my shop I figure I need about 1000 of them, but I of course don't want to pay much for them. . Hmm not near as much incentive huh?
  19. I was going to shingle the roof with them, But the lady of the house said ---- no. So thats how they became bird house roofs
  20. Yup...our lives in Washington State are a veritable living hell!

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