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    Yeah I figured out I wasn't using the right search terms (and was not in scholar mode... In shopping. HA!)
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  3. You probably would if everyone were holding their fish out of the water for 60 seconds like they did in the study.
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    Do you have the full PDF of the study? 60 seconds is a long time. I would like to read their methods if anyone has a full copy of this or any of the other studies I'm coming across online. It's always just the abstract.
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    Clink on the word LINK in Chris Bellow's post. It allowed me to read the whole article.
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    It just says error when I try.
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    here's a copy

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    So let's do a human study. Let's take 100 guys from the board, chosen at random or ones that are chosen for being "biters" (ones that post on a lot of threads). We take them down to the local high school track field, have them run 800 meters being dragged down by a linebacker the whole way. When they finish the run, take their head and shove it under water for 60 seconds. How many of you would die of a heart attack, or drown? 10%? 20%? more?
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    who really gives a shit? I get tired of you holier than thou people that post this stuff every year. Nobody is ever going to get a ticket for violating Sparkey's law so why waste you time and energy on it.
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    If your not going to eat it, don't take it out of the water,simple!
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    You can take a great picture with the fish still in the water. Some like to pose a little longer than most but the only thing that I am for sure of is I would be a floater in Mr. Hicks study. I'm in the 10% group, I'm sure only 10% of my body would be out of the water at the end of his test
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    Yeah I have to agree with Shawn K on this one. I am a fisherman, I mostly fly fish but I almost hate to say that out loud anymore. Fly fisherman have really given them selves a very bad image, especially steelhead fly fisherman. such as being unfriendly on the rivers more often than not and pushing ridiculous laws that are self serving for a small portion of the angling community down the throats of everyone else that would like to keep a trout now and then or hold a salmon or steelhead out of the water for a few seconds to get a photo.

    As far as the steelhead out of the water issue goes, they are a little tougher than they are given credit for. They are not going to melt or disolve if taken out of the water. Think of all the obsticales they have to overcome to make it back to the river then spawn. Hell half the fish I have caught this year have big old gashes in them from seals and gill nets but guess what they were alive and extremely healthy when I had the pleasure of catching them.

    Maybe if some of you guys were not so snobby and quick to push laws to restrict other anglers trying to enjoy the same sport, fly fisherman would not be viewed by the rest of the community as a bunch of self serving douche bags. It would be a lot easier to come together and have one voice for the recreational fisherman of washington and be able to actually do whats best for the fish rather than fight over how we are going to restrict each other.

    Just saying.
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    Now this is a guy I'd go fishing with.
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    saying that fly fishermen give themselves a bad rep says to me that you care too much about what others think of you. but I would side with the fishes safety, rather than the guy fishing for photos
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  16. Take all the pictures you want with the fish out of the water. If you keep them to yourself and don't post them on the internet no one can ever criticize you for them. They also can't massage your ego so if you take pictures for your own memories or scrapbook or whatever you should be fine, but if its so people on a forum can stroke your boner then you might be bummed by the negative feedback.
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    If you care so much about steelhead and salmon don't fish for them. Leave them alone to do there thing. That well never happen. People only care about what serves there needs at that moment.
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    If you're gonna fish, then fish, if you want to eat the fish you catch, then bonk it, great, but if you intend on releasing the fish, especially the wild ones which you encounter, then do so in a manner which is the least harmful to the creature that you just had the honor of dueling with. I will never stop fishing, that is because I love to do it, its my hobby and I like to pay homage to the fish I encounter. I occasionally take pictures of them, sometimes out of the water when legal, but I do let the fish recover and breathe a little before snapping my shot, then I send it home.
    Is that so unreasonable to ask? you should do it because its right, not just because its law. I don't know why anyone would advocate for doing anything less.
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    All I am saying are that steelhead are a tough creature and can survive a little careful handling. And yes if you intend on releasing your catch steelhead or any other species take care to do it in the least impactful manor. That being said the fact that there is a law telling me how to handle my fish is retarded. Maybe just educate the fishing public better on how to handle fish prior to release instead of making laws hoping to catch someone breaking them so you can write tickets.

    And I don't care what anyone says recreational anglers are not the problem facing our steelhead runs. Until commercial fishing (tribal and non-tribal) along with logging entire watersheds ends the runs will never have a chance. I would be the first one to quit fishing a river if commercial fishing and logging in the area had been discontinued and the runs continued to decline but bottom line is that sport fishing is not the limiting factor on our steelhead runs. Period.
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    Yes steelhead are a strong resilient creature. Yes they go out to the ocean and face all kinds of hardships. But hooking a fish and playing it for several minutes while it fights for its life with every ounce of its life IS hard on it. It does exhaust the fish. This is why they calm down and get to a point where we can safely land them. This is what I was eluding to in my prior post. Sorry if anyone could not make the connection. Then after exhausting a fish you take 60 seconds to effectively cut off its breathing by removing it from the water. This will and I do mean will tax some fish to the point were they will die. Is this number 10%, 20%, more, we probably will never really know. But I personally do not want to kill something that I do not plan on eating. Just my personal belief. I am sure that the spirit of the law is to mitigate any damage that we as sport anglers are doing to an already dying species.

    Yes I'm sure that most of us if we did lift a fish would do so for a second or two. Good for us. Yes I am sure that there are many that would not. They would life the fish up for an extended period of time. Kick it onto the rocks. Drag it through the sand. Grab it by the gills. These are all things I have personally seen in the past year by fly and gear anglers, even with the law in place. The law just gives game wardens some teeth when they actually do see abhorrent behavior.