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Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by SciGuy, Aug 21, 2012.

  1. Bright shades of green with a fair amount of flash. I hooked up on all chartreuse and all lime. Those colors of Fish Scale from Just Add Water tied as Shock & Awes has been working this week. Not exactly "matching the hatch" ;) but it is getting the job done.

    I ended up 2 for 4 today. Landed the one in the picture and another 2 pounder that I released. I got a few head shakes from 2 others, one of which was a solid 9-10 lb fish based on the size of the tail (which was all I saw of it before it spit my hook).
  2. Man I got what I thought were a couple bumps but nothing solid and a few shakers. I was using a chartreuse over shrimp fish scale clouser tied on a tube.
  3. 1 for 1 today.
    Charteuse over pale pink clouser.
    Met fellow board member Jeff Dodd on the beach to day. Nice to meet you Jeff. downsized_0825121029.jpg
  4. Nice work guys, I'll be back out in the morning again...
  5. Very nice.

    Did you catch this one on the East side or do I need to make an early road trip across to PNP??
  6. Richard,
    Not PNP but it did involve a ferry ride. No ferry ride tomorrow required for fishing tomorrow morning.
  7. Nice Brian. From the reports I've heard they are all over MA9 and plenty in 10 as well.

  8. Small cooler? I kid, I kid! Great fish! And, 4 days in a row . . . wow. Good for you!
  9. Well, THAT streak is over. Very quiet today. I did see a fellow board member pick a nice one up just as the current started looking better...but I don't want to steal his thunder.
  10. Yep, dead this morning.
  11. Ditto here. Saw a 10 or so fishing and not even a bite.
  12. Yep 1 for 1 for me today. Caught another shaker shortly after that would almost count but I'll leave it 1:1. :) Very slow this morning. Started picking up a bit just before 8 and the action slowed again by about 9. Caught the fish on a tube clouser, chartreuse over shrimp fish scale material.[​IMG]
  13. BTW, Josh I assume you're the Josh I met in the parking lot this AM. Sorry, it was early and I didn't make the connection at the time :confused: Nice to meet you.
  14. Nice work Matt!
  15. Nice job Mt! I tried to drag my butt out of bed to hit it before work but I was just too tired. Sounds like I didn't miss too much but very glad you stuck one!
  16. I saw this one finning in the shallows and set the hook on the first strip:

  17. Nice job (again)! :) Do you have a close-up of your fly? You said it was a shock and awe style?
  18. Below is as good of a picture as I've got. It looks good in the water and opens up a bit in between strips. Very simple...just some Fishair and Fish Scale.

  19. Sci, you're my inspiration! Way to go! I'm hoping to find some of that action one of these days. I just can't seem to keep the darn things hooked.
  20. Hi Sci,
    I notice your stinger hook is way back beyond where the tube and junction tubing end. Is that just because it was puled out when taking the fish off or if that is how you get it to sit when fishing, how do you do that? Also,I can not tell the difference in your fly between the fishair and fish scale. What part is what? Ie are you using mostly fishair and just some fishscale as accent?
    Good job on the fishing.

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