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  1. I'm guessing the hook just came out of the holder during the process of catching the fish. I have tied some tubes recently one protube flextubes and tie them with a longer tube section so that the hook sits further back.

    I was wondering the same thing about the fly, but it looks like the wing is the fish scale (you can see the crinkled flash in it). Maybe the belly is then the fishair. I'm not familiar with fishair though.
  2. I was transported to Alaska for about 15 minutes this morning...


    ...and when I returned, there he was, The Legend, showing a Dime Bright slab of chrome exactly who rules the beach.


    Regarding the fly, I've been mixing materials lately. For first light I'm using all Fish Scale and for later on it is about a 50:50 mix with Fishair. Fish Scale seems too flashy when the sun is hitting the water. Yes, as Matt said, the hook had pulled out of the holder/connecter...but not by much. I position the hook way back such that only the longest fibers stretch out beyond the bend of the hook. That said, I'm not really sure the specific fly pattern and/or material(s) matters all that much. Shock & Awes tied the usually way with Slinky Fibre are working well are stinger Clousers.
  3. Nice Guys.. I'm headed to Cali for the next week, hope there's still some action when I get back!
  4. Nice work Bill!! I planned to hit it early but work problems kept me up till after midnight and I couldn't drag myself to early. Will give em hell tonight.
  5. Nice work Bill & Tim. Two more days of work for me then nine straight days of fishing.
  6. I paid good money for SciGuy to guide me on his secret MA-9 beach. That was a quick but fun trip. 1/1 on silvers with one other good bite. DryFlyLarry was fishing hard as I left and I'm sure he hooked one before the morning was over.
    sunrise coho.jpg
  7. Great work guys! We'll see if the success continues in to the evening.
  8. Well, I did finally hook up, but on another beach in another world. I managed this fish, and released a 3 lber. It's not big big like you other "legends", but I needed a little "coho fix" and I was happy enough.

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  9. Nice fish Larry glad you stuck a couple. That silver should be mighty tasty.
  10. Nice job Larry!
  11. It slowed wayyy down today but I managed to pick one up in the 11th hours. VERY hot fish...lots of fun.

  12. Nice work Bill. I had a feeling if anyone was gonna find one it would be you. Definitely a lot slower this morning.
  13. Hey fellas,

    Quick question for you all, since you seem to be SLAYING these things:

    When fishing for coho, are you trying to get the fly deep?
    Floating line? Intermediate? Sinking?

    I've always kind of had the sense that you would want to look for them in the same kind of water as you would for SRC. Is that correct?

    As for flies--it looks like sparsely tied chartreuse or light green does the job. Will clousers do the job? I don't have any tube fly stuff.

    I'm definitely getting out to look for some in the next few days.

  14. I tend to fish either a float or an intermediate from the beach, depending on the current/depth. Lately all I've been throwing is an Airflo 40+ intermediete 7 wt on a 10' 6 wt Helios. I like the intermediate for keeping a little tighter line to the fly in a chop.

    Most of the fish I've hooked this week have come on chatreuse/white clousers on a moderate retrieve. This makes me think maybe they are hitting it a bit deeper in the water column, but I've also hooked up using flies with less weight stripped faster, so IMO it's a matter of experimenting and figuring out what they are in the mood for. Fly doesn't seem to make much of a difference, finding hungry fish is the key. Clousers will definitely work.
  15. Thanks Nick. Much appreciated.

    My girlfriend is always bothering me about bringing home fish, and I'm always having to tell her that where I fish it's catch and release.

    Maybe for once I'll be able to bring something home!

  16. Hah I hear ya. Mine gives me a hard time as well. She's been coming out after work and hanging at the beach with me some evenings, and happened to be there for a productive night on Wed. when I went 1-4. She was pretty thrilled.
  17. Hey everyone,

    Some questions for you all regarding etiquette when fishing the beaches for Coho.

    Let's say I'm lucky enough to catch one that I want to keep.

    1. Is there a certain size I should be looking for to keep? Min. or max.?
    2. Are they all keepable? Or should I be looking for clipped fins?
    3. What's the easiest way of killing them? Grab a big rock and bonk?
    4. Cleaning: Do I do it there at the beach and toss the entrails back for birds/fish? Or should I take it home and clean it?

    Any other etiquette tips that people might be willing to share for someone who is new to salmon in the salt?

    Thanks. I'm hoping to do as many things right as possible if I'm lucky enough to hook into one of these guys.

  18. Jason,

    Check here for the regs: as to size and keepers. This may vary depending on where you are fishing.

    Personally I bleed them by cutting the gills and like to clean them there. Makes me feel better to leave some of fish for other critters to eat, but you could certainly take it home and clean it too, that's your preference.

    Not that I've caught a silver from the beach, but that's what I would do if I did catch one.


  19. Thanks Matthew.

    I did check the regs--I guess I was more wondering if there are any sort of "unwritten" rules that folks generally like to follow. Kind of in the sense that on a lot of rivers we can technically keep fish, but most of us choose not to do so.

    I appreciate your suggestions.

  20. It's all personal preference, and I'm sure there are other opinions but this is my take:
    1. Check the regs for size restrictions in your area. Generally there is no min for coho. I would likely release anything under ~20". I did keep two earlier this year at 18 and 19. It was in July and they were cookie cutter hatchery fish. Right now I would possibly release those same fish. Your likely to find stuff 3-4+ lbs or <15" right now. I haven't seen much in between.
    2. Again check the regs, but usually you can keep hatchery or wild silvers. It's your preference if you feel like releasing a big wild silver. Nothing wrong with keeping it though.
    3. I bleed them (cut the gills) then give them a bunk with my knife, stick, rock, etc.
    4. I have done both. Recently (after making my home trash can insanely stinky for weeks) I have cleaned at the beach. I keep out of peoples way and chuck the scraps out in the current, away from the crowds. I figure that's nutrients that goes back in to the ecosystem rather than in to a trash can in a plastic bag.

    Many beaches get crowded. You will likely have to fish close to people, but be courteous and try to keep reasonable distances and not overcrowd anyone. If someone hooks up next to you and you're close, pull your line in and give them room to land their fish.

    Other than that, just have fun out there!

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