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Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by SciGuy, Aug 21, 2012.

  1. Just don't lowhole anybody! Yes, myself and another board member have both been accused of that on the beach in the past....LOL. I guess there is a first time for everything.:D
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  2. Lol I saw a gear guy accuse a fly guy and another gear guy of doing that just last night.
  3. Yeah and they both kind of did too. By the time the fly guy and gear guy wedged in, the gear guy on the bank pretty much couldn't even fish. What I thought was funny was the fly guy telling the new gear guy that he kind of budged in and was blocking the other one, while the fly guy did the exact same thing 15 minutes earlier! haha
  4. Hah Yeah, Matt, I got a kick out of watching that. In the end everyone seemed to get along fine, but that guy to my left was certainly getting a bit irritated. Understandably so I'd say.
  5. Well, that brings up some good points I suppose. How much room do you guys normally like to have/give in these situations? Do you basically find a spot and stay there? Are you expected to move around a bit?

    I guess I'm just curious to see how people see these situations.


  6. Move with the rips.
  7. Sorry Stonefish,

    I have no idea what you mean! :confused:
  8. Water movement creates tidal rips which trap baitfish. That is were the fish are. Say you have nice water movement where you are fishing. The water will be moving from your right to left or left to right.
    Eventually that water will stop moving and another rip will form somewhere else on the beach. It is then time to move. Some rips stay in the same place for a long time, while other may appear then disappear in a matter of minutes. As a general rule, if you are fishing water with good movement, you are in the zone. Don't fish dead, non moving water.
    Hope that helps.
  9. Oh. Totally understand that.

    I thought you were saying that in response to my question on whether people are expected to move on a beach full of anglers--in the same way one is expected to work their way down through a popular pool while swinging for steelhead instead of just parking in one spot.

    I would guess that on a beach full of anglers, you probably don't have as much opportunity to run around and follow the rips.


  10. Stonefish gives rock solid advice. On some of the more crowded beaches this can be a bit more difficult, but if possible its worth following for sure. When it's super crowded I tend to try to get away from the people a bit, even if that means fishing less than ideal water, but that's just me. I see plenty of fly guys hold their ground as the gear guys get closer and closer... Myself, I just prefer not to hassle with it and move along.
  11. Way to go Larry, nice fish....

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