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  1. Im looking at reels for a 6 wieght two hander that I am going to get. I am going to put a Rio 6/7 Midspey with tips on a Sage 12'6" 6 weight. Looking at reels now.
    I'm picking between a Lamson ULA force 3.4 or a Ross BG5. A ULA Force 3.4 will take a 678 WC +150 backing. The Ross will take a 678 WC but only 50 yard of backing.
    I have a BG 7 and A ULA force 3.5 and really like them both! Can't decide what I want for a lighter rod.
    Any body have any thoughts about what reel?

  2. PM'd you.
  3. check out daniellson (loop in a different iteration) lots of sizes, great closed drag and quality top to bottom.
  4. I have the big dog UlA,sweet reels,and have fondled the big game reel's many times,also very nice,both are good choices but 50 yards is cutting it close BG#6 maybe.
    Also be aware of balance point weight wise, a long day of fishing is tiring with a tip heavy setup.It's nice to not have to chose junk and I'm not going to sway your choice as both reel's are troop tested ,if they had gear like that in NAM, we would have crushed those commies
  5. Gt,
    I was looking at those reels as well. They look pretty cool and that is good to hear that they are pretty good all around. DO you know of any shops around that carry them?
  6. I bought a couple last year (FW 4seven and 3W Original) and had to buy them from Ron Larsen, their N. America rep. If you Google Danielsson, you should find the site w/ his phone and e-mail.
  7. I"ll have to agree with the Danielsson suggestion. I've got a 6nine that I use on my 1287 (scott) and love it. Balances well, solid drag, and seems to hold "enough" backing with a WC 6/7/8.
  8. danniellson IS the machine shop that makes these reels. they were marketed for years under the LOOP branding. if you have an old LOOP, you can see in small print 'danniellson' on the rim. the story i heard is they got tired of LOOP jacking the price out of sight so they pulled their distribution back from LOOP alltogether. you can now only buy direct with a price reduction of about 40%from when they were LOOP branded.

    SAME EXACT REELS, all spools move back and forth no matter what is stamped on the rim. i love'um, easy spool change, zero slop on the rim, pretty good sealed drag, clunky to swap right to left reel or vicevera but they come the way you order them.
  9. I would agree with everything that has been said already. You can't go wrong with any of the three, almost all the companies make a good reel today. I have the waterworks 3.4, 3.5, and 4 on different spey rods and absolutely love them. On my new 15' 7/8 spey I put the Danielson 8-12 and have had great luck with that as well. I haven't had a single problem with any of the reels, other than the price of the Waterworks. I don't know if it makes a big difference to you but the Danielson reels are cheaper and every bit as good. Just my .02
  10. I don't know if you want other brand suggestions, but I have a couple of Tioga's for my spey roads and really like them.

    For my 6/7 11' 6" I have a Tioga 10 standard arbor with a lot of gelspun backing and a Hardy 9/10 floater. There is plenty of room on the reel and I'm getting another spool for a shooting head system that I built recently.

    I also have a Tioga 12 LA on my bigger spey and it worrks great. The Tioga reel body, can use either the standard or large arbor spools, so you can always buy either spool once you have the reel.

    Those Danielson's sound good, I had heard about the Loop / Danielson issue before.

  11. Tioga is a well made reel for the price point. I had trouble from time to time about grit getting inside the housing and causing a few odd sounds...but overall a tough tank of a reel...slightly heavy too. Sold mine.

    Bauer's Super lite Reels are a good choice....smooth drag...Adjustable drag on retrieve side so you don't need to switch hands to adjust drag and hold rod...but if the fish is running you can't adjust drag at that time unless you want some bruised knuckles. Salt water terms of post cleaning and conditioning

    I don't know about the ULA's of Lamson...I like Lamson Reels but Salt Water seems to cause problems from time to time with the Litespeeds and Velocities.

    I'm relly surprised about the backing capacity of the 4' diameter BG5..for a 6/7 weight spey line..I would have thought you could get much more backing on?

    Loop-Daniellson..really can't comment ( :confused: ) Don't know much.

    Good Luck in your purchase adventure... :) :) :)

    As a bad boy let me throw in another reel...Redington least check it out...might surprise you :) :) :)
  12. Marquis Salmon 1, Bougle 3 3/4" or 3 3/4" Perfect.:thumb:
  13. I use a Galvan Torque 8. Holds 300 yards of Powerpro 30 lb and a W/C 678.
    Awesome drag, extremely well made and really cool looking
  14. salmon no 1. had mine for years as long as you dont mind palm assisting the drag and the attention getting noise she makes when the fish runs they are reels that are time tested
  15. Check out the Abel X-Strem Spey Reel. It is the exact same reel as the big game 4 but with a different color and finish and at a nice price ($420 while the BG4 is $550).
  16. Check out the Abel X-Stream Spey Reel. It is the exact same reel as the big game 4 but with a different color and finish and at a nice price ($420 while the BG4 is $550).
  17. I have no experience with the choices you mention, but I'll add to this thread's confusion with yet another suggestion. I picked up a lightweight reel with light Spey capacity at the fly show in Bellevue. It's an Elkhorn T4. At only $125 it appears very well made, solid, good tolerances, and lightweight, a little more than 7 ounces as I recall. The aesthetics are nice on this one, too. Most of the cheap reels look cheap; this one doesn't. I think I'll use it on a 6 or 7 wt. system.


    Salmo g.

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